Miami prosecutors have dropped charges filed against former UFC champion Conor McGregor from an incident outside a Miami Beach hotel earlier this year. McGregor was arrested in March following an altercation with a fan that included a phone being smashed.

During a hearing Monday in which McGregor did not make an appearance, the State Attorney's Office declared that the victim had recanted his story regarding the issue. The incident has already been settled in a civil lawsuit involving McGregor and Ahmed Abdirzak.

"The victim of the crime does not wish to return to the United States and prosecute this case," Prosecutor Khalil Madani said (thanks to the Miami Herald for the quotes).

In the settlement, Abdirzak's attorney wrote that he "had been made whole" by McGregor after reflecting on the matter. Prosecutors charged the 30-year-old fighter with robbery by sudden snatching and criminal mischief.