Cody Rhodes spoke with Chris Van Vliet before this Saturday's match against Dustin Rhodes at AEW Double or Nothing. Cody commented about the AEW World Championship being unveiled at the PPV, if there will be PPV, and if fans should expect some surprises.

The news broke yesterday on how the first two contenders for the World Championship will be decided. The first will be the winner of the Casino Battle Royale on this Saturday's The Buy In pre-show. The other will be the winner of Kenny Omega vs. Chris Jericho. Those two contenders will then meet at a later date for the title.

Cody teased the AEW World Championship would possibly make an appearance at Double or Nothing.

"I've said title and I've said championship in our little circle now and everyone is really adamant that we say 'belt,'" Rhodes said. "On Saturday there is the chance that you might see the greatest World Championship Title that has ever been created and there's also a chance that I might have showed Chris a picture of it before this interview. He might have got a sneak peek. It's really great.

"Every day the progress shots have been cool and I'll be able to see it. I'm not guaranteeing it will be there on Saturday, (Cody winks to the camera) but that was a wink, and I'm excited about it. But, actually, the stakes of the Battle Royale and getting that opportunity to potentially wrestle for the World Championship, every match has high stakes placed on it."

For years pyro was a staple in bigger wrestling promotions' events, but back in 2017 WWE cut way back on them to help with costs. Only the biggest shows, like WrestleMania or events in Saudi Arabia have included pyro for entrances and celebrations. Rhodes was asked if Double or Nothing will feature them and he confirmed there would be some, and they won't just be sparklers.

"Yeah there is," Rhodes confirmed. "But you say that and I don't run a pyro company so I haven't seen the rehearsals. Honestly, it's got to be big pyro. Because if you do like sparklers, which are cool, if you do those it's like meh. You want rockets, you want like the big mortar bang that scares you to death. You want the big stuff."

Obviously not wanting to spill the beans, Rhodes also did confirm fans should expect some surprises this Saturday.

"I think what we have ready to go is the best wrestling show ever," Rhodes said. "I really do. It's a wrestling show, by wrestlers, for the fans. It's 100% fan service. It wouldn't be that if there weren't surprises."

You can see the full interview in the video above. Be sure to join us for complete live coverage of Double or Nothing on Saturday, beginning at 7 pm ET.