Today is Dash Wilder's birthday, which plenty of WWE Superstars sent him messages. Well, Wilder jokingly wrote about Vince McMahon not sending him a tweet on his birthday.

Wilder retweeted WWE Universe's post and wrote: "No Vince tweet?" Recently, Vince on his personal Twitter has sent out birthday tweets to The Rock, John Cena, Titus O'Neil, and Randy Orton.

One WWE fan didn't find his joke too funny and had to reply that all WWE Superstars do is complain and that Vince had more important things to do.

The full quote was: "All these moyherf--kers do is complain. Boy, I'm sure that Vince has more important things to do than wish your sorry ass a happy birthday."

Wilder then had to explain to the disgruntled fan that it was a joke. He replied back: "You should definitely take social media more seriously. If it's on here, it's serious."

You can read the heated exchange below: