Former WWE Superstar Ryback took to Twitter today and confirmed that new WWE talents are told to give their social media passwords to the company.

It was noted on PWInsider Elite that WWE has the right to control Superstar Twitter accounts. When new talents sign, they are reportedly told to give their passwords over to people in the WWE Digital media department, and told not to give the passwords to anyone else. The idea is that WWE needs access to the accounts to push storylines and various campaigns.

Ryback was asked about the report, and he said it is true. He added that he chose not to sign the social media form when it was first introduced. He claimed it was just a way for WWE to monitor their talents.

"Yes, this is correct," Ryback stated. "I chose not sign it after they corralled all talent into a room and told everyone to sign in and turn it in. They attempted to try and corner me several times that day. It's not to post storylines, that's a cover and they can monitor the talent."

Ryback responded to another fan who said this sounds like a breach or privacy of privacy. Ryback said WWE is not a good environment under Vince McMahon, but times are changing fast.

"Eventually everyone will realize everything I have said from day 1 is 100 percent true," Ryback noted. "It's not a good environment and they have gotten away with murder since @VinceMcMahon took over. Times are changing and changing fast though. We all know how the Warden goes out in Shawshank."

Another fan wrote that they wouldn't give access to their personal social media accounts, but it would be OK if WWE wanted to make a Superstar account.

Ryback responded, "No, it is not their right. Do you think @Schwarzenegger or @TheRock signs over their social media when taking on a role? Also since they are 'Independent Contractors' why should they be forced to sign anything over, especially when created before there?"

You can see the full exchange below: