Lacey Evans recently spoke with Yahoo Sports to promote her match for the red brand women's title against RAW & SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch at WWE Money In the Bank on Sunday. It was noted that Evans' persona, which serves as a stark contract to the stereotypes WWE's women's division has fought to overcome in recent years, makes her the perfect foil for Lynch.

"It's a story I want to be able to tell and I want to show that I'm capable of telling it," Evans said. "The story now is there's this gung-ho female who is all about empowerment and that she's 'The Man,' and then here comes Lacey Evans to interrupt everyone and remind women to get back in the kitchen and remember the feminine side and what women are capable of."

Evans revealed that she didn't know she would be feuding with Lynch until the day they first got physical at RAW. Evans said it started with walking out during matches and segments, which generated the kind of heat needed to play the heel in a feud with someone like Lynch.

"Initially it started with the walkouts, but at no point did I have any idea what it would lead to," Evans said. "I didn't find out until the day that I laid hands on Becky that there would be an angle. I didn't expect anything, I just went to the shows ready to do anything that they needed from me. That's what they needed and I took it and ran with it."

Evans talked more about her character and said her class and confidence really does trigger people.

"[My character] transitioned to the 'Sassy Southern Belle' because more people can relate to it in this heel-ish, bad guy way," Evans said. "One of the things that really gets under people's skin is the confidence and class. I tell the world that I am a prime example of what all women should be. There's just so much confidence and poise about me that it triggers people. I swear that I'm just perfect."