Lacey Evans recently spoke with Scott Fishman of TV Insider to promote her match with RAW & SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch at WWE Money In the Bank on May 19. Evans will be challenging for Lynch's red brand title that night.

Evans said she intends to impress people and provide a further glimpse of what she is truly capable of with the title match at Money In the Bank. Evans said she did not expect a big opportunity like this to come so quick.

"I'm keeping my feet grounded and staying humble. I definitely didn't expect the opportunity of this caliber to come this quick," Evans said. "But same thing I learned in the Marine Corps and my whole life. Whenever you have an opportunity, you have to take it and run as hard and as fast and give the best you can. I've always done that my whole life.

"One thing I do have is grit, determination and a hell of a lot of initiative. There is no way I'm going to let this opportunity slip through my hands if I have anything to do with it. I'm just so blessed to be here, to be in a story this big. There is only one thing you can do, and that's make the best of it and give it 100 percent all the time. That's what I plan to do."

It was noted that while Evans' character is starting to gain steam in the WWE Universe, people familiar with her whole story are wondering why it's not shown more on WWE TV. The 29 year old was previously stationed in the Marine Corps and ran a construction company before she ended up with WWE NXT. She persevered as a child despite having a mother who left the house when she was just 10, and a father who had a history of alcohol and substance abuse. He overdosed on drugs two months before her WWE tryout. Evans is also an involved parent and wife, despite being on the road with WWE. It's been reported that these traits are part of why WWE officials have been so high up on Evans.

"That's the hardest part of doing this job. As a sports entertainer, you're expected to tell a story. Your real-life story, it really can't come to light because it really has nothing to do with the story that the company wants right now," Evans said. "As much as I would love to every day bring this emotion and story out there, that is not always the case. It depends on your character or what the story is at hand. I wish I could. There is a lot of motivation that has come from my past and what I've been through. I definitely without a shadow of a doubt have every intention of impacting people on a high level. But I have to focus on the opportunity that I have on hand to prove I am capable of being a long-term asset to this company.

"That's what I intend to doI'm a firm believer in telling a story. You tell me the story that needs to be projected to the WWE Universe, and I can do that. And as much as I can in my own time and in the future, I do plan on bringing more of that to light. If they can just bear with me. That is a major goal of mine, but it's a business. You have to do what is best for business when you have opportunities like I do."

Evans admitted she didn't follow WWE as a child, but she said it was love at first sight after she had her tryout. She was offered a contract and signed with WWE in 2016. It was noted that she has become accustomed to thriving in the series of trial by fire situations that she was put into. She also gave credit to everyone in WWE for helping her learn as she goes.

"I'm just learning as I go," Evans said. "Now I'm here on Raw and still learning as a go. And there isn't a producer or sports entertainer, male or female, who isn't helpful. They are there for travel, financial questions, in-ring performance questions, everybody across the board has been so friendly and helping. It's incredible. Even in regard to my family, everyone has been amazing. There is not a single question they have not taken their time out to help me with."