All Elite Wrestling landing a TV deal with TNT wasn't just great for AEW, it was great for all of wrestling. Whether Vince McMahon admits it or not, a wrestling promotion landing a deal with a company like WarnerMedia makes them competition for WWE and competition brings out the best in all parties involved.

Impact Wrestling's Sami Callihan knows the positive effects of AEW's deal and he talked about it during Impact's weekly media call.

"It's great," Callihan told Wrestling Inc's Nick Hausman during the call. "I want every wrestling company to do well, because when all wrestling companies do well, that means there's going to be more opportunities and more eyes on pro wrestling. Right now, pro wrestling, just not on that standpoint, but on every standpoint is under a microscope which brings even more people in to watch Impact Wrestling. And I truly believe that we have the best weekly TV show in wrestling and we put on the best pay-per-views.

"With all of this competition, people are just going to work that much harder."

In addition to wrestling for Impact, Callihan is also the promoter of Pro Wrestling Revolver and he was asked about PWR possibly partnering with Impact.

"We did a Twitch show last year which did absolutely great," revealed Callihan. "There has been lots of discussion and lots of places that have brought up the Revolver brand. Impact's brought up the Revolver brand. I've brought up the Revolver brand.

"I'm just not at the point where I wanna make any decisions because I am very, very bad at delegating anything in my company to anyone else. Right now I wanna have full control…and until I get my company to the place I want it to be, I don't see myself partnering up with anyone because Revolver is the brand I built.

"We will continue to use Impact talent and promote Impact talent, but I'm too bad to delegate to do anything like that at this time."

Sami Callihan can be seen every Friday night on Pursuit and Twitch as part of Impact Wrestling. VIP tickets for Slammiversary (July 7 in Dallas) went on sale today at; and all tickets for Slammiversary will be on-sale on Monday, May 20. TV Tapings for the weekly TV show, Impact!, will be held June 6-7 at Melrose Ballroom in NYC.