- Samoa Joe was interviewed by Travis Sams for 99.5 WHDQ to promote Sunday's live event at the Ford Center in Evansville Indiana. During the interview, Joe noted that his music was inspired by Godzilla and said that his clone would be his dream WrestleMania match. When asked which actor should play him in a movie, Joe replied, "Vincent D'onofrio." Joe also revealed the best piece of advice he's received.

"A wise man learns from his mistakes, a brilliant man learns from the mistakes of others," Joe said.

- Paige will be appearing on the daytime syndicated talk show, The Real, this Monday. Here is the description of the episode:

"WWE Superstar Paige is here, we play 'Ante Up,' and 'Giveaway May-hem' continues as we give away prizes to our audience!"

- As we previously reported, Roman Reigns wrote on Twitter today that he would would appearing on Monday's RAW because he still has some business to take care of. WWE tweeted that Reigns will not be appearing, writing, "due to his obligations as a Smackdown Live Superstar, he will not be appearing on Monday Night Raw."

Roman's former Shield partner, Seth Rollins, also responded, noting that he has things "handled" on RAW but is still down to party: