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* Dominik Dijakovic defeated Mansoor Al-Shehail. Mansoor ducks the discus boot at the start and tries to fight Dijakovic off. He gets some offense in, but Dijakovic catches him off a crossbody and throws him to the floor from the ring. Dijakovic tosses Mansoor from a vertical suplex but only gets 2. Mansoor begins fighting back and hits a cool step up kick standing on Dijakovic's leg. Dijakovic fights back and nails Feast Your Eyes for the win. After the match, NXT North American Champion The Velveteen Dream rolls out on a couch and leads the crowd in a song-along of the Dream's national anthem

* The Forgotten Sons defeated Oney Lorcan, Danny Burch, and Humberto Carrillo. Oney and Danny run wild to start. Humberto gets tagged in and The Forgotten Sons take control. They take turns working over Humberto. Humberto gets the hot tag to Danny, who clears the ring and goes after Cutler. Ryker breaks up a submission and Humberto catches him with dropkick. Humberto goes for a dive but wipes out Oney, leaving Danny in the ring with all 3 Forgotten Sons. He fights then off, but the numbers catch him. Humberto springboards, but gets knocked out of the air by Ryker. Ryker holds both Lorcan and Humberto for the stomp and Cutler and Blake both hit the stomp off the top rope for the win

* KUSHIDA defeated Kassius Ohno. Awesome entrance for KUSHIDA, coming out from the stage. Ohno works KUSHIDA over for a good bit of the match. KUSHIDA fights back. Ohno with a massive sit-out facebuster for 2. KUSHIDA's nose is bloodied. KUSHIDA reverses the senton into an armbar but Kassius gets to the ropes. Ohno with a huge boot but KUSHIDA kicks out at one. Fans going nuts. KUSHIDA fights back, Ohno begs for hits. KUSHIDA with a springboard hurricanrana for 2. KUSHIDA with a handspring but Ohno rocks him with an elbow for 2. Ohno with the big boot and goes for the tension elbow, but KUSHIDA hits a straight right. KUSHIDA gets the Hoverboard Lock (Mauro Ranallo called it that on commentary) and gets the win

* Bianca Belair defeated Mia Yim. Bianca with a splash for 2. Bianca is dominating this match. Mia starts a comeback and hits a shotgun dropkick and a cannonball. Mia goes for a sunset flip but Bianca sits down, but the ref catches her holding the ropes. Mia rolls get up, but Bianca reverses it and wraps her hair around the ropes for leverage to get the pin

* Matt Riddle defeated Adam Cole. Riddle out wrestles Cole to start. Riddle with a side headlock. Riddle with a senton to the back for 2. Triple gutwrench suplexes by Riddle. Cole pulls Riddle off the ropes and takes control. Dueling "Undisputed" and "Let's Go Bro" chants. Riddle with a series of strikes and a huge suplex. Cole rolls away from the moonsault, but gets caught with a Broton and a big kick for 2. Riddle with a deadlift German for 2. Cole with the ushigoroshi for 2. Riddle with a ripcord knee, but Cole reverses the Bro 2 Sleep into a backstabber for 2. Riddle with an ankle lock, but Cole reverses the Bromission into a roll up for 2. Cole with the fisherman buster over the knee for 2. Riddle reverses the Panama Sunrise and they have a great sequence of reversals. Cole hits the Last Shot but only gets 2. Riddle cuts off the second attempt, hits the Bro 2 Sleep and a huge knee, but Cole rolls out of the ring. Roderick Strong runs down and checks on Cole, and eats a kick for his troubles. Cole catches Riddle with a superkick while the ref is distracted, but Riddle kicks out and locks in the Bromission for the tapout. After the match, Cole and Roddy jawjack while Fish and O'Reilly keep them separated. They end up leaving on opposite sides of the ring with Fish talking down Roddy and Kyle talking down Cole