Following Money In The Bank, Taz gave his analysis of the pay-per-view on his podcast, The Taz Show. Taz discussed Brock Lesnar's surprise return to win the Money In The Bank briefcase and its impact on the current state of WWE.

"The internet wrestling community, the hardcore fanbase is really pissed off about it," Taz said. "Honestly, this might not be the popular thing but I thought it was great. Brock's a superstar. And WWE right now needs as many superstars as possible. They need to build other stars but Brock's a star. I know I'm in the minority when I put this thing over but I don't care."

Though Taz admitted to enjoying Lesnar's last minute return as a fan, he can see how Lesnar's victory might create issues with the superstars who actually wrested the entire match.

"I'm cool with Brock coming out and winning but as a former talent, I wouldn't be cool with it," Taz said. "Looking at those men down selling, as a former worker, I felt for them. These guys just busted their ass all this time in this match and put their bodies on the line, taking all these bumps on these f---ing ladders. And one guy comes out at the very end and doesn't have to crack a sweat and wins the gimmick. It's heat for the locker room."

Lesnar's schedule has always been a hot button issue between fans and talent. However, Taz spoke highly of Lesnar's ability to negotiate a light schedule by praising it as smart businesses and body longevity.

"Brock doesn't have as many dates as the other guys," Taz said. "When he was full-time, but he wasn't really full time. When he was on top forever and didn't really have to work. I've been singing his praises as a smart businessman. Anybody that puts a deal together as a veteran that has a limited days clause, they are a good businessman or have good representation that protects their interest as far as not having too many dates - that's good businesses. At the end of the day, that's what professional wrestlers are - they are business men and woman. You own a business and that businesses is your body. So you have to protect that body and get as much longevity out of that body as you can. Point is, if you can get limited dates, you're doing the right thing. I've always sung his praises as a businessman."

Lesnar's return to WWE programming was his first appearance since his loss to Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania 35. Lesnar currently holds the Money In The Bank briefcase and is scheduled to announce his plans for it on this Monday's RAW.

You can listen to the full show below. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit The Taz Show with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.