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Tonight features Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan vs. The Forgotten Sons, Bianca Belair vs. Mia Yim, and KUSHIDA goes up against Drew Gulak.

Mia Yim vs. Bianca Belair

Both Superstars take each other down early. Yim avoids Belair, chop block to the leg, kick to the face, rolling cannonball into the corner, cover, two-count. Yim with a kick, tries for another, Belair catches it, lands a kick of her own and goes for a cover, only two. Yim with a roll-up, two, Belair with a clothesline, pin, two.

Belair says to fight her, punches Yim in the back, delayed vertical suplex with a couple squats, standing frog splash, kip-up. Belair with a tarantula in the ropes, tries to roll-up Belair, only two. Belair returns first with a dropkick, double ax handle to the back, then rakes her face along the ropes. Multiple pin attempts by both women, all two-counts. Big forearm sends Yim to the mat, more covers, two.

Yim with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Yim with a flurry of strikes, flips over Belair for a cover, two. Belair drives Yim into the corner, looks to charge in again and goes right into the ring post. Yim hits protect ya neck, but Belair rolls out to the floor and tries to go to the back. Yim stops her and brings her opponent back to the ring. Belair lift and drops Yim on the apron, steps on her midsection and goes back into the ring. Referee with a ten-count and Yim gets in at nine. Belair swings away on Yim, looks for a powerbomb, Yim gets out of it, holds Belair's hair and transitions right into protect ya neck for the win.

Winner: Mia Yim via Pinfall

- NXT North American Champion Velveteen Dream does a selfie stick promo and says, "Tyler Breeze, I remember you." We see clips of Breeze's time in NXT. Dream says when Breeze got called up, Dream saw fear in his eyes, and it was the last time he got a standing ovation. Dream says Breeze may have forgotten what it was like to have the spotlight on him, but that's all Dream has been in as of late. We see clips of last week's encounter between Breeze and Dream. Tyler says he was a staple in NXT and will push Dream out of that spotlight. The two will meet this Saturday at TakeOver.

- Last week, Io Shirai (with a kendo stick) saved Candice LeRae from NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke, and Marina Shafir.

- Earlier today, Baszler is asked about last week's attack and if she's concerned about Shirai. Baszler says at TakeOver, Shirai isn't allowed to have any weapons, and is all out of friends, unlike the champ.

KUSHIDA vs. Drew Gulak

Mat wrestling gets things started, both able to escape out of each other's holds. Test of strength, Gulak bends KUSHIDA back into a bridge, KUSHIDA uses his neck/core strength to get back up. Gulak transition into a single-leg boston crab, KUSHIDA able to work his way out and apply a side headlock. Both looking for an abdominal stretch, KUSHIDA able to lock in an octopus stretch for a moment. Gulak drops down into a roll trailer hitch to work on KUSHIDA's lower leg.

Gulak with a bodyslam, hip tosses blocked by both opponents, until KUSHIDA gets sent to the apron, wrenches down on Gulak's arm. Looks for a penalty kick, no, Gulak with a gutbuster. KUSHIDA recovers, looks for an armbreaker, Gulak switches and is able to get an ankle lock. KUSHIDA trying to lock in a gable grip, both begin yelling at each other. KUSHIDA with a flatliner, tricky pin attempt on Gulak for the 1-2-3.

Winner: KUSHIDA via Pinfall

- Post-match, the two jaw a bit, Gulak calls KUSHIDA a coward and heads off.

- Backstage, Cathy Kelley talks with Io Shirai about her match against Baszler. Shirai says she's not afraid of Baszler or her friends, so she can bring them. Candice LeRae then thanks Shirai for last week and she's got Shirai's back at TakeOver.

- Hype video for NXT Champion Johnny Gargano vs. Adam Cole at this Saturday's TakeOver XXV.

Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch vs. The Forgotten Sons (Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake)

Burch and Blake off to an aggressive start, Cutler able to tag in and clobbers Burch with a double ax handle. Cutler stomps away in the corner, Blake tagged in, double backbreaker, cover, one-count. Lorcan tags in, goes to work on both opponents. Ryker trips up Lorcan, Blake smacks Lorcan from behind. Referee sends Ryker to the back. As he gets to the stage, The Street Profits attack Ryker. Street Profits head to the ring and this match is thrown out.

Match ends in no contest.

- Post-match, Forgotten Sons clear out of the ring, Lorcan / Burch and Street Profits swing away, but Forgotten Sons come back in with chairs to clear out the teams. Ryker nods in approval from the stage, Cole and Strong take out Ryker. They taunt the other two Forgotten Sons, but O'Reilly and Fish come from the side and beat them up. Undisputed Era as a team take out both Cutler and Blake. Undisputed Era stand tall, Cole see Ryker, pulls a ladder out from under the ring and uses it like a battering ram right into Ryker. They set the ladder up and Cole goes to the top of it. He says to Johnny Gargano at TakeOver that (he points to a fallen Ryker) is undisputed.