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Tonight features Matt Riddle vs. Adam Cole, Bianca Belair takes on Mia Yim, and Raul Mendoza vs. Riddick Moss.

Mia Yim vs. Bianca Belair

Back and forth action early on that ends in a stalemate. Yim tries to show some respect, Belair also does at first, then attacks Yim and goes to work on her. Boots in the corner, neck crank, standing frog splash, chops to the back, cover, two. Belair talks some trash, "Want to take my spot? Fight me!" Belair with some more taunting, Yim kicks her away and is able to eventually able to lock in a guillotine choke. Belair with punches to the back and reverses into a snap suplex, cover, two.

Belair looks for another frog splash, nobody home. Yim with a bunch of kicks, shotgun dropkick sends Belair into the corner, rolling cannonball. Yim tries to roll Belair up, she was able to counter and tries to use the rope with her hands to get the pin. Ref sees it and says no way! Couple more counters and Belair ends up wrapping her hair around the middle rope to get some more leverage for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Bianca Belair via Pinfall

- Security camera catches The Viking Raiders attempting to leave the building, but the Forgotten Sons pull up and ambush the tag team champions.

- Next week, The Viking Raiders will be live to address the NXT Tag Titles.

- Earlier today, at a sparring session with Shayna Baszler, Marina Shafir, and Jessamyn Duke, Io Shirai shows up and attacks Baszler from behind. Others get involved to break the two up.

Raul Mendoza vs. Riddick Moss

Moss tosses Mendoza across the ring and does some taunting. Mendoza is able to drop Moss and mocks Moss' taunting. Moss needs to take a moment and use some piece of equipment to work the kinks out of his shoulder. Moss is doing kind of like an old Simon Dean fitness-expert gimmick with the "Riddick Regiment." Mendoza gets in some offense, tries for a springboard crossbody and gets caught in mid air.

Moss curls Mendoza and does a fallaway slam. Moss with a military press, catches, and slams him down to the mat, cover, two. Moss takes a break to drink from a bottle he brought up, goes to gives Mendoza some and gets it slapped out of his hand. Mendoza with a enziguri, hurricanrana sending Moss into the corner, another enziguri. Mendoza heads to the top rope, Moss jumps up, gets kicked in the head and falls back to the mat. Mendoza with a springboard twisting splash for the victory!

Winner: Raul Mendoza via Pinfall

- Last week, KUSHIDA defeated Kassius Ohno in his NXT debut. He'll be back next week for his next test.

Matt Riddle vs. Adam Cole

Riddle with a waistlock as he slams Cole to the mat multiple times over before Cole bails out of the ring for a moment. Cole pops Riddle tries for a headlock, but Riddle rolls out of it and applies one of his own. Gutwrench suplex, another one, overhead release suplex as the crowd chants "Bro!" Riddle charges in the corner, leaps, but body home, Cole yanks him down to the mat. Cole with a figure four on Riddle's neck, he bridges up and to get a pinfall attempt on Cole, he kicks out and goes back to work kicks and punches in the corner.

Cole with a dragon sleeper in the middle of the ring. Cole says "I am the uncrowned champion. You are pathetic!" Riddle gets fired up, lands some kicks and punches, Cole with an enziguri, but Riddle goes right into a german suplex. Riddle with some attacks in the corner, exploder suplex, misses a penalty kick, drops down on Cole, tries for another penalty kick and lands it, cover, two.

Riddle hits a german suplex with a bridge, two-count. Cole back up, pump kick, ushigoroshi, pin, two. Riddle with Cole on his shoulder, lifts him up and Cole counters with a backstabber, pin, two-count. Cole stomps Riddle's barefoot, looks for a superkick and Riddle turns it into the ankle lock. Riddle with a high kick, fisherman buster, goes for a second, tries for a third, but Cole hits a brain buster, pin, two. Cole fakes high and kicks low, Cole looks for a canadian destroyer, blocked. Riddle tries for a powerbomb, high kick misses, cole with a superkick and hammers Riddle with a last shot, pin, Riddle kicks out!

Cole looks for another last shot, nope, Riddle hits got to sleep, powerbomb, and knee to the face, but Cole rolls out to the floor. Strong runs out to help pick up Cole, Riddle looks for a penalty kick that hits Strong. Riddle flips in and Cole with a superkick to the face, pin, no, Riddle is able to counter into the bromission for the victory.

Winner: Matt Riddle via Submission

- Post-match, Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish come down and wonder what Strong was doing. The group runs into the ring, but Riddle heads out and goes to the back. Strong tries to help Cole up and gets shoved away. O'Reilly and Fish attempt to calm both sides down as Strong and Cole yell at each other. Cole is annoyed this keeps happening, Strong saying he just took a kick to the face and was trying to help. Crowd yelling "hug it out!" They seems to be calmed a little bit as they head to the back. Cole says to O'Reilly he's frustrated and keeps losing big matches because of Strong.