Big E took to Twitter today and responded to a fan tweet on how he carries himself on Twitter.

The big man of The New Day has had recent tweets on everything from possibly hooking up with the mother of RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch, to pitching the idea of streaming erotica during RAW's third hour, to an adult exchange with pornstar Tanya Tate.

The fan tweeted about how he was worried for Big E's career, based on his recent Twitter behavior. Big E responded and said he couldn't get fired from WWE if he tried.

The fan wrote, after Big E's exchange with Tate, "On one hand, I absolutely love Big E being himself on Twitter. On the other, his last month on twitter has me scared for his career. Please don't go, you're the literal only highlight of WWE next to Bray right now :'(. At least secure a position at AEW first!"

Big E responded, "Like that episode of Seinfeld where George purposefully gets stains on Babe Ruth's jersey and drags a World Series trophy through the parking lot, I couldn't get fired if I tried."

Big E is currently out of action but it was just reported that he made the trip to Saudi Arabia for WWE Super ShowDown on Friday. You can see his tweet to the fan below: