As noted, earlier this week on WWE Main Event, Dana Brooke was busted open in a match with Sarah Logan after getting kneed into the ring post. The match ended in a no contest, but apparently it was ruled as a win for Logan on the broadcast. We have video of the bloody injury at this link.

In the video above, after the match, WWE spoke with Brooke who didn't see it as a loss.

"No, no. Not a loss. Not a loss," Brooke declared. "Sarah Logan got away with a cheap victory. She got me once but it's not going to happen again. There's a fire that's lit inside of me and Sarah Logan is gonna feel the burn."

After yesterday's initial back-and-forth on Twitter, the two kept it going in response to Brooke's comment to WWE.

"I guarantee I won't feel it as badly as you felt that post," Logan wrote.

Brooke responded, "You ignited something inside me & got yourself a war Ms. little ol Viking—I see blood & I rage. I have my battle scar from this & got right back up. wait till I give you yours...there will be no getting back up!"

You can see the full exchange below: