While promoting Nickelodeon's Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?, John Cena talked to The Wrap about the WWE and if it's still something he watches today.

As Cena makes his way into more TV and movie roles, the former WWE Champion has had less time to make appearances for WWE. His most recent was last April at WrestleMania 35 where he returned as his Doctor of Thuganomics persona, interrupting Elias' concert.

Despite this career transition, Cena say he's still keeping up with the product.

"It doesn't mean that my heart doesn't lie with WWE, I've often said that if I'm doing something like this then it's impossible to do something like that," Cena said. "I'm older now, I just turned 42. I watch WWE on a regular basis and the talent is getting faster and more precise, and I've always been referred to as 'unorthodox' so I'm not exactly the most precise."

As he's mentioned in other interviews, Cena feels like WWE has moved on from needing him as he was previously the face of the company for about a decade.

"They don't need me, I am grateful for everyone who says 'we miss you,' and there was a time when I could genuinely say from a financial standpoint that they needed me, that time is up," Cena said.

Earlier this month, Cena spoke to Sports Illustrated and noted he'll never leave WWE and would even help coach at the WWE Performance Center.