AEW Star Jungle Boy sat down with Chris Van Vliet before his upcoming match Four-Way Match against MJF, Adam Page, and Jimmy Havoc at AEW Fyter Fest on June 29. During the interview he spoke about not knowing he was booked for Fyter Fest until the match was announced, how AEW can change the world of wrestling, and why he hasn't watched WWE in a long time.

At AEW Double or Nothing, Jungle Boy was involved on The Buy In Pre-Show in a 21-man Casino Battle Royal, but next week he'll make his first appearance on the main card at Fyter Fest in Daytona Beach, Florida. Jungle Boy revealed he didn't even know about the match until AEW announced it on Being the Elite.

"I just got an email and they're like 'We're buying you a plane ticket' and I was like 'Plane ticket for what?'" Jungle Boy recalled. "I'm super happy to be there, I wanted to be on it. It's kind of wild. It will be cool to see too because Double or Nothing was such a spectacle and it was this huge thing and not that this isn't a spectacle, but now that we got the first one out of the way, I feel like everyone is a little more comfortable."

In regards to AEW, he feels like the stars are aligning for something big to happen in wrestling, especially after the success of Double or Nothing.

"I really think that, I mean it's the slogan, but I think it's going to change the world of wrestling," Jungle Boy said. "I think if you look at Double or Nothing I thought that was honestly one of the best wrestling shows I've ever seen and it gave me goosebumps being there. Cody's entrance gave me full on goosebumps and it just made me feel things that I don't feel when I watch wrestling. I think it's the right time for this, I just think everything is kind of aligning. This is the time to do it and these are the right guys to do it."

When it comes to watching WWE, the AEW star noted he hasn't seen much of it as of late, due to the how WWE tends to have the same pattern week-after-week. Instead, he found himself paying more attention to NJPW over the past year.

"I haven't watched WWE in a long time because I just got tired of when there's a 30 minute promo at the beginning of every show," Jungle Boy said. "It's not what I want to see. It's funny because the only people I had any interest in watching were Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks and Cody. So, I got a New Japan subscription and I was really in when All In happened. I was super excited about that because I'm like this is what I want to see. I haven't been excited about this since I was little."

You can check out the full interview in the video above.