Welcome to the Wrestling Inc recap of Major League Wrestling's weekly episodic Fusion. Tonight's show takes place from the Waukesha County Expo Center in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Recap of last weekend's Fury Road event when Alexander Hammerstone defeated Brian Pillman Jr to become the first ever MLW National Openweight champion. The main event saw Teddy Hart defend the Middleweight championship against Jimmy Havoc, but Dynasty would interfere. The Hart Foundation would run out to even the odds, leading to a six-man brawl to end the show.

An interview with Hammerstone from earlier in the day is played. Hammerstone says that nobody is giving him respect, and instead fans cheer Brian Pillman Jr, even though Hammerstone destroyed him. He then talks about his relationship with Dynasty, claiming that without hi, the faction wouldn't have gold. He challenges Bocchini, who is interviewing, to lift a free-weight. Bocchini can't, so Hammerstone picks Boccini up on his shoulders and presses him up. Segment ends.

MLW Fusion intro.

Jim Cornette and Rich Bocchini welcome us to another edition of MLW Fusion. The play us footage of Contra's assault on MLW Heavyweight champion Tom Lawlor from last week, which included Contra cutting his hair. Announced for tonight...Davey Boy Smith Jr. battles MJF.

Kotto Brazil is out for the opening contest. He removes the eye-patch that he's been wearing since the Ricky Martinez attack, and gives it to a fan in attendance. He'll be facing Dynasty's Richard Holliday. Holliday is accompanied by MJF, Hammerstone, and Aria Blake.

Kotto Brazil versus Richard Holliday

Holliday goes for a grapple...Brazil shows off his speed early with a quick leg kick. Holliday catches the second one and flips Brazil to the mat. Shoving contest...Holliday bounces Brazil off the ropes...Brazil with the drop-down punch, followed by a dropkick. Holliday fires right back with a running boot that nearly decapitates Brazil. Holliday with big right hands...Brazil responds with a few of his own but Holliday slows him down with a kitchen sink knee to the gut. Holliday attempts a running powerslam...Brazil shifts his weight...he locks up Holliday in a guillotine choke...Holliday powers out and hits a twisting suplex. Powerslam from Holliday. He plays to the crowd and receives a chorus of boos in response. Brazil takes advantage of the distraction and hits a stunner. Holliday falls to the corner...a series of running uppercuts from Brazil. He climbs to the top...single-leg missile dropkick connects. He builds up momentum...Holliday with a stiff lariat. Gut-wrench powerbomb...and that'll do it.

Richard Holliday wins by pinfall

Commentary reminds us that next week Promociones Dorado's Salin de la Renta will once again be executive producing an episode of Fusion. We see Salina backstage doing business on the phone.

Another recap of Hammerstone's victory over Brian Pillman Jr. Commentary asks if MJF can make it three in a row for Dynasty when he faces Davey Boy Smith Jr. in the main event.

Ace Austin is out for our next bout. He'll be facing Air Wolf, in what should be a very athletic showdown. Flashbacks of Air Wolf's stunning victory over Rey Fenix is played.

Ace Austin versus Air Wolf

Tie-up. Austin with a headlock. Wolf reverses and locks on one of his own. Austin claws at Wolf's face to retake control, and muscles Wolf to the ground. Wolf with a fancy escape...he goes after the arm but Austin drops him with a headscissor. Wolf responds with one of his own. Both men stare each other down. Wolf ducks a head kick and hits an arm-drag. Pace begins to pick up...Wolf nails Austin with a dropkick that sends him to the outside. He goes for a suicide dive but Austin cuts him off with a drop-toe-hold. Wolf goes for a springboard maneuver but Austin shoves him off and he hits the arena floor! Austin follows up with a suicide dive! After a few clubbing blows to Wolf's back, Austin taunts the luchadore, then connects with a running knee from the apron.

Wolf slaps Austin on the apron and goes for a suplex...Austin attempts to pull off Wolf's mask. While Wolf adjusts Austin walks the ropes and hits an enziguri. Dropkick from Austin, who taunts Wolf again. Austin ties up Wolf in the tree-of-woe. Huge kicks to the chest. Austin misses a top rope leg-drop...Wolf builds up momentum...running elbow. Another one. Wolf nails Austin with a running corner uppercut. Huge flurry of strikes, followed by a rebound German suplex from Wolf. He nearly wins the match with a spinning butterfly suplex but Austin gets a shoulder up at the last second. Austin with a combo of his own. Unique looking neckbreaker from Austin. Cover...two count. He immediately goes for a second pin...no dice. Austin targets Wolf's chest with a kick. Wolf catches the second but Austin drops him with a discus lariat. Both men are down.

Austin goes for his finisher but Wolf has it scouted. Superkick to the leg. Austin dodges a head kick...Wolf traps him on the ropes and connects with a 619. Wolf climbs...Austin with an enziguri. He goes for a top rope frankensteiner...Wolf blocks it and pushes him off. Flatliner from the top by Wolf. Cover...got em!

Air Wolf wins by pinfall

Footage of Myron Reed walking around with an injustice sign from earlier in the day is shown. Cut to Salina de la Renta who has an announcement. Salina says that everyone has been asking her what she has planned for her next produced event. "I'm going to give you the main event of the year." She says that next week, Sami Callihan will battle Mance Warner in a falls count anywhere matchup, where the loser leaves MLW forever.

Promotional ad for MLW's next event, Kings of Colosseum. The main event will see Tom Lawlor defending the MLW heavyweight championship against Contra Unit's Jacob Fatu.

Cut to champ. He calls out Contra, and asks them to be brave and face him. He says he has already found a couple of cowboys to stand across from Contra...it's the Von Erichs. "And for once...for once...this place is going to get cleaned up," growls Lawlor.

A replay Salinda de la Renta's announcement for next week's main event: Sami Callihan versus Mance Warner in a loser leaves town falls count anywhere match.

Cut to Callihan and Warner. Callihan calls them the Midwest Mega Powers. Callihan says that the joke is on Salina, because he and Warner like to fight. Warner aggressively agrees. Callihan says that it's going to get so violent that Jim Cornette is going to have a stroke. Warner threatens Callihan, and says that he ain't leaving. Callihan grabs a staple gun... "I'll see you out there big dog." Also announced for next week...Flamita takes on Rey Horus, and Low Ki takes on Ricky Martinez.

Promo from Low Ki. He says that Martinez has sealed his fate, as he is now on Low Ki's list.

Cut to a video from Contra. They ask Lawlor how it feels to be scalped. Samael accepts Lawlor's challenge. Fatu promises that Contra will slice up Lawlor, and the Von Erichs, until they get to the white meat.

Main event time. Dynasty is out first to present MJF. It seems like they'll all be accompanying him at ringside. Davey Boy Smith Jr. is out next without the Hart Foundation. Here we go.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. versus MJF

MJF immediately flees the ring and taunts Smith from the outside next to his Dynasty buddies. Smith holds the rope down and invites MJF to get back in the ring...MJF fakes like he's going to get in then jumps back out. They repeat the spot...crowd reigns boos down on MJF. Eventually Smith grabs him at the apron and tosses MJF across the ring. Smith with stomps. MJF attempts a kick but Smith catches it...eye rake by MJF. He whips Smith to the outside...Smith skins the cat...big boot by Smith! After a distract by Hammerstone, MJF yanks Smith into the middle turnbuckle and follow by slamming Smith's knee off the ring post. MJF ties up the ref allowing Dynasty to land a few blows on the outside.

MJF targets Smith's leg with stomps...Smith surprises MJF with a kneebar but MJF gets to the ropes. Smith goes for a slam...MJF slips behind and chop blocks Smith's knee. MJF poses for the crowd...they do not like that. Another distraction from Dynasty on the outside gives MJF the opportunity to choke Smith with a t-shirt. Pinfall attempt...Smith escapes with ease. Smith reverses another choke attempt and wraps the shirt around MJF's neck. Referee breaks the hold but allows the match to continue. Enziguri from Smith rocks MJF. Both men are down.

Smith mounts MJF in the corner for the 10-punch spot. He puts MJF on the top and sets up for a superplex...he hits it! Cover...MJF kicks out at two. Smith with a Northern-lights suplex but he can' bridge the pin due to the damage on his leg. MJF off the ropes...Smith catches him with a powerslam. Tombstone by Smith...he climbs to the top...flying knee drop connects. Cover...Holliday puts MJF's leg on the ropes. Smith with a big right hand onto Holliday. MJF with another chop-block. MJF runs in and starts brawling with Holliday. MJF goes for a sharpshooter...Smith overpowers him. Hammerstone tries to get involved but Smith nails him. MJF with a roll-up with his feet on the ropes for leverage...ref sees it! Teddy Hart is out! He and Hammerstone brawl. Smith picks up MJF...running powerslam. Got em!

Davey Boy Smith Jr. wins by pinfall

Backstage we see Contra standing over an unconscious Ariel Dominguez and Tom Lawlor. Samael throws a fireball right at the camera...feed goes dark.

That's the show friends.