After tweeting, "Never make assumptions about people you do not know," Priscilla Kelly had to reply to a pro wrestling fan who called her and Joey Ryan an embarrassment.

The Twitter user's full tweet was: "Like how you and Joey Ryan are an embarrassment to professional wrestling? Can I make that assumption Jim Cornette?"

Priscilla Kelly replied, "What's embarrassing is the toxic homophobia that Jim Cornette spews. I'd like to say Joey Ryan and I create entertainment, moments fans will remember, without any negativity or judgment to anyone."

The current beef between Jim Cornette and Joey Ryan started after Ryan tweeted about the comments Cornette made about Sonny Kiss on his podcast. Jim Cornette blamed Ryan for the backlash in a Twitter thread on Friday.

Like Kelly, Joey also responded to angry fans, "I had to block a lot of people today who tried to defend, excuse, deflect or flat out ignore intolerance and hate speech. It breaks my heart that so many people took that stance."

Below is his tweet:

Below is the exchange between Kelly and the Twitter user: