Ian Riccaboni and NWA National Heavyweight Champion Colt Cabana check in on commentary after the usual ROH signature video package. Karl Fredericks and Flip Gordon make their entrances. This is the first episode of the Chicago tapings during the War Of The Worlds Tour.

Flip Gordon vs. Karl Fredericks

They shake hands. Fredericks takes Gordon to the mat. Fredericks goes for an arm-bar, Gordon blocks it and rolls Fredericks up for a one count. Frederick eventually splashes Gordon in the corner. Fredericks hits a hip toss on Gordon. Fredericks drops an elbow on Gordon. Fredericks pins Gordon for a two count. Fredericks attempts to get Gordon to his feet, Gordon hits a jawbreaker. Gordon runs towards Fredericks in the corner, Fredericks dumps him over the top rope to the ring apron.

Gordon drives his shoulder into Fredericks. Gordon hits an Ensiguri on Fredericks. Gordon hits a springboard dropkick from the top rope on Fredericks. Gordon hits a springboard neck-breaker on Fredericks. Gordon connects with a superkick to Fredericks. Gordon wheelbarrows into an STF on Fredericks. Fredericks taps out.

Winner: Flip Gordon

Gordon and Fredericks shake hands after the match.

Highlights are shown from the Toronto stop during the War Of The Worlds Tour.

A recap is shown of Kenny King's in-ring promo trashing Jay Lethal from a couple weeks ago.

Jeff Cobb makes his entrance for an in-ring promo. Cobb talks about having lost the ROH Television Championship in Toronto. Cobb talks about Shane Taylor having not pinned or submitted him, and the fact that no one in Ring Of Honor has been able to pin or submit him. Cobb informs Taylor that he can sleep easy tonight, knowing that he's not out there asking for a rematch. Cobb wants the man that's been bragging about being the best World Champion in Ring Of Honor history.

Cobb wants Matt Taven. Cobb wants the Ring Of Honor World Championship. Ring Of Honor World Champion Matt Taven comes to the stage. Taven tells Cobb to relax. Taven tells Cobb that he likes him and that he's like an adorable little Hawaiian Buddha. Taven tells Cobb that he's been very, very impressive. Taven says that he is the greatest World Champion in the company's history. Taven talks about having already defeated Flip Gordon, Mark Haskins and PCO. Taven questions why Cobb thinks he'd be scared of losing his title to Cobb when Cobb couldn't even hold on to the one he had in the first place.

Taven says that he fears no man because he is Matt Taven. Matt Taven says that he has no problem defending his title against Cobb, anytime, anywhere, even in Chicago (where this episode was taped) as he walks down to the ring apron. Taven teases a title defense before saying, not tonight. Taven calls Cobb a melvin and throws the microphone at him and making his exit.

Tonight's match between Kenny King and Jay Lethal is hyped.

Highlights are shown from the recent match between The Briscoes (Mark & Jay) and the Guerillas Of Destiny (Tonga Loa & Tama Tonga).

Silas Young (with Baxter Belafonte) makes his way to the ring. Young introduces Baxter Belafonte as a greenhorn from Milwaukee. Young says they will be putting on a seminar. Young invites ring announcer Bobby Cruz into the ring to hold the microphone for him. Young grabs the hair of Belafonte and says that grabbing the hair is something you wouldn't want to do. Young says you also wouldn't want to apply a fish hook, as he applies a fish hook. Young demonstrates a thumb to the eye. Young demonstrates a blow as he kicks Belafonte below the belt. Young kicks Belafonte out of the ring. Young thanks Ring Of Honor for allowing him to show the pure rules of pro-wrestling.

Kenny King and Jay Lethal make their entrances. 

Best Of Three Series - Match One:
Kenny King vs. Jay Lethal

They shake hands. King locks in a waist-lock, Lethal reverses it into a wrist-lock. They lock up again. King locks in a headlock, Lethal sends him to the ropes. King takes Lethal to the mat with a Fireman's Carry takeover. King pins Lethal for a one count. Lethal eventually connects with a springboard dropkick to King on the apron to send him to ringside. Lethal hits a Suicide Dive to the outside on King. Lethal rolls King into the ring.

Lethal hits an Elbow Drop from off the top turnbuckle on King. Lethal pins King for a two count. King catches Lethal before he can hit the Lethal Injection. King hits a Blue Thunder Bomb on Lethal. King pins Lethal for a two count. Lethal strikes King several times. King drives his knee into Lethal. Lethal escapes a Royal Flush attempt by King. Lethal hits a Pump Kick on King. Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection, King catches him with a waist-lock.

Lethal connects with a Back Elbow to King. King dodges a pair of Lethal Injection attempts by Lethal. King ducks a clothesline attempt by Lethal, with Lethal nearly striking the referee. King kicks Lethal below the belt behind the back of the referee. King hits the Lethal Injection on Lethal. King pins Lethal for the win.

Winner: Kenny King

They hype next week's show as this one comes to a close.