Jim Cornette is arguably one of the greatest managers in pro wrestling history. However, the same mouth that propelled him to his legendary status has become a fountain of controversy.

Sami Callihan spoke about his recent MLW departure and incident with Cornette, where Callihan spit on Cornette during his entrance in MLW, on Konnan's Keeping It 100 podcast. Callihan referenced Cornette's recent comments regarding AEW wrestler Sonny Kiss.

"In 2019 we don't have to explain what someone of homosexuality or anything is because it's 2019, everything is accepted on that terms," Callihan said. "And then he wanted to just call him a transvestite, not even knowing what he was, and say 'he got off, looks like he just got off from working a day shift at the f--king Tropicana as a drag queen. I'm like, that's just ignorant like that's speaking ignorant."

Cornette has had a history of taking shots at some of the bigger names outside of WWE, such as Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, Joey Ryan and others. Callihan had his thoughts as to why Cornette does this.

"He goes after anyone that has any sort of notoriety," exclaimed Callihan, "because he hasn't done anything in his career in the last 20 years to be worth s--t. So, he wants to make money off of other people."

Cornette responded to Callihan on his podcast, stating that Callihan "dumbed" himself out of a job with MLW.

"He tweeted he stands with Sonny Kiss and he spit on me because of all the horrible things I said about Sonny Kiss and how I'm transphobic," Cornette stated. "Well I don't know if he really feels that way or not, I don't know whether he has met Sonny Kiss, I don't know whether they are friends, I don't know if he was coming up with some way he can die on his sword and go out a hero. To quote Big Cat Ernie Ladd, 'Sami Callahan since you have been drawing a check from Major League Wrestling, you have been stealing from MLW and now you have dumbed yourself out of a position.'"

Callahan lost a loser leaves town match to Mance Warner that night, and was subsequently released by MLW. MLW CEO Court Bauer stated that Callihan was released because he caused a lot of damage to the venue.

"Two $15,000 bleachers were severely damaged as well as other property owned by the building," Bauer tweeted. "That makes it very, very difficult to return to the venue which is disappointing as I enjoyed working with Sami. He was an agent and worked hard. Fans would've enjoyed the next chapter."

Cornette feels that MLW had been doing a good job of "taking out the trash", and stated Callahan has himself to blame for getting fired.

"Because Sami getting fired from MLW had nothing to do with him spitting on the announce team, it had to do with him going out in a brand-new facility for MLW and without telling anyone, Ol' Sami decides because he is such a big superstar on the outlaw mud show circuit, working for all the promotions with a budget of thousands of dollars, he can do whatever he wants," Cornette stated. "He fights all over the building, does $3,000 worth of damage to the bleachers, runs into people, pisses the building off and dumbs himself out of a position because he lost a loser leaves town match."

While a loser leaves town match usually leads to the loser returning to the promotion, Cornette doesn't feel that Callihan will have that opportunity.

"What can I say, but outlaw is going to outlaw and mud show is going to mud show," Cornette stated. "Some people when they get an opportunity to take a step up and be on television and possibly be in a more important role behind the scenes, some people step up and conduct themselves to lead the locker room and some step-down and get kicked out of the locker room."

Callihan is currently scheduled to face Tessa Blanchard at Impact Wrestling's Slammiversary XVII on July 7th in Dallas. As always, Wrestling Inc. will provide live coverage of the event, as well as the latest breaking news leading up to the show.

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