WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins will defend his title against Baron Corbin at tonight's WWE Stomping Grounds in Tacoma, Washington. In the build-up to the match, Corbin has demanded to have a special guest referee who will call the match down the middle.

As Corbin has picked people for the role, Rollins made it clear he'll take them out before the match ever gets started. With the help of a chair, Rollins has dropped Elias, The B-Team, Eric Young, EC3, and others.

No Way Jose has since started up a "Vote for Jose" campaign on social media to be the referee. Initially ignoring what's happened to other Superstars, Jose wrote, "Everyone, hold on a sec. Little known fact, Seth Rollins is my homie. He'd never—or...I mean..."

In the video below, Jose told Rollins he threw his name in the hat because he wanted to see an unbiased referee in the match. Rollins responded, "that sounds great!" as he lifted a chair in front of Jose. Realizing what was going to happen, Jose said "You know what? I'm busy," and ended up backing away from the champ.

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