Below is a recap of the latest episode of AEW Road To Fyter Fest. During the episode, Yuka Sakazaki vs. Riho vs. Nyla Rose was announced for Fyter Fest.

* Standing in front of an open coffin, Joey Janela says "so, this is where everyone says that the bad boy, Joey Janela, is gonna end up after June 29th, after he fights Jon Moxley." Janela says if that ends up being the day he fades into the darkness, so be it, because he's made his mark. He continues, unlike Moxley, he hasn't made millions, or straight-to-DVD movies, or been handed scripts by a 24-year old NYU student, and what he's done in his career makes Moxley's look like child's play. Janela finishes that Moxley might as well kill him on June 29 because he'd rather end up in a coffin than obscurity.

* Brandi Rhodes announces a triple threat women's match for AEW Fyter Fest: Yuka Sakazaki vs. Riho vs. Nyla Rose. She notes while Riho and Sakazaki have a craftiness and resilience to them, Rose is a force they will have to "survive." On Twitter, Brandi also noted this is "a" women's match for the event, not "the," so expect another match announcement at some point.

* Shawn Spears wonders if he made the right decision, he says there's only two ways to get what you want: earn it or take it. Clips are shown of Spears breaking the chains around his wrists. He then asks again if he made the right decision, "you damn right I did." Cut to Cody Rhodes watching the same promo in his office, says Spears has a lot of potential, could eventually be a player/coach, or coach. Behind him on a whiteboard it says "Mox Photos" with a "X" next to it.

* Darby Allin talks about getting picked up when he was five years old by his uncle, who had been drinking. They eventually crashed and his uncle passed away, but Allin survived. He continues that he paints his face white because half of him is dead inside, it's not a gimmick, it's how he feels inside. Allin notes he has a drive to be better than he was the day before. We see clips of him in his younger days where he'd skateboard and do dangerous stunts, "I felt I wanted an audience to experience my pain." Skating didn't give enough to tell a story though, unlike wrestling. Allin comments people come up to him and say he should tone it down, but he just can't do that. "The ultimate goal at AEW is to be accepted for me."