AEW's last free event before All Out in Chicago this September is Fight For The Fallen. The event takes place at Daily's Place Ampitheater in downtown Jacksonville, Florida with a capacity of 5,500 spectators. The event's name is a reference to AEW donating 100% of the proceeds from the event to Jacksonville's Victim Assistance Advisory Council to help victims of violent crimes. The event is sponsored by Farah & Farah, a personal injury law firm based in Florida. It can be streamed live for free on Bleacher Report Live and its app starting with its pre-show "The Buy In" at 7:30pm EST.

All of the top stars of AEW are scheduled to compete with the exception of Chris Jericho, who is scheduled to appear but not compete, and Jon Moxley (who likely will appear but is not advertised for the event). Without a weekly show, the build to these matches has mostly been through promos on the internet, social media posts, and drawing power of the wrestlers based on reputation. Below is a preview of each match on the card including what to watch for and predictions of how things may play out based upon recent booking in AEW. In the comments below, share your thoughts on the show and what's next for AEW.

Cody (1-0-1) & Dustin Rhodes (0-1-0) vs. The Young Bucks (2-0-0)

After an epic match at Double Or Nothing resulting in the tearful promo "I don't need a partner. I don't need a friend. I need my older brother.", Cody & Dustin join forces for the first time since tagging together as Goldust & Stardust in 2015. The Young Bucks are undefeated heading into the Fight For The Fallen and there is no ill will between the two teams. This match will be competitive for competition's sake. The Young Bucks always deliver exciting action and should work well with Cody & Dustin. Shawn Spears will likely attempt to attack Cody at some point in the evening, hopefully it will be after the match. Keeping in mind that "wins count" in AEW, The Young Bucks should be favored in this match but with all the emotion riding behind the Rhodes brothers story at the moment, it feels like Cody & Dustin will pull off the upset in this match.

Cody & Dustin Rhodes via pinfall

Kenny Omega (1-1-0) vs. Cima (1-1-0)

Cima, although a veteran, will have the biggest spotlight on him of his entire career when he faces the best bout machine, Kenny Omega. Cima looked strong in a victory over Christopher Daniels at Fyter Fest (video of the full match posted above) but it's hard to imagine him coming out of this match victorious. Kenny Omega is scheduled to face Jon Moxley at All Out in Chicago so it's reasonable to expect Moxley (who is not advertised to appear) to make his presence felt to promote All Out. Kenny Omega will get the pin here after an athletic contest that has potential to steal the show from the main event.

Kenny Omega via pinfall

Brandi Rhodes (0-0-0) vs. Allie (1-0-0)

Although this match was announced before Double Or Nothing, there hasn't been a whole lot of story added to the match. We do have training video of Brandi that has been posted to YouTube, Allie's victory at Fyter Fest over Leva Bates, and Brandi bringing in Awesome Kong as a surprise signing at Double Or Nothing. Brandi gave off a bit of a heel-like vibe during Double Or Nothing and her association with Awesome Kong tips the scales a bit. Allie would likely win cleanly here, but it feels like there's an opportunity here to create an angle with some steam behind it for All Out with Awesome Kong interfering in the match to attack Allie.

Allie via Disqualification

Adam Page (2-0-0) vs. Kip Sabian (1-0-0)

Kip Sabian put on an amazing athletic display in his victory over Sammy Guevera on the Buy In for Double Or Nothing, posted in full above. With victories in the Casino Battle Royale and in a fatal four-way match at Fyter Fest, Adam Page has asserted himself as the future of AEW. Page is scheduled to face Chris Jericho with the winner becoming the first AEW Champion. Page is not likely to lose any momentum on his journey to All Out. Expect him to pick up a decisive victory here, hitting the "Rite of Passage" on Sabian and getting the pinfall victory. Chris Jericho is advertised to appear at Fight For The Fallen "with a live microphone", so expect him to have some words for Page and the rest of AEW.

Adam Page via pinfall

Frankie Kazarian (1-1-0) & Scorpio Sky (1-1-0) vs. Pentagon & Rey Fenix (0-2-0)

Frequently featured on "Being The Elite", SoCal Uncensored will be a big factor in the future of AEW but the Lucha Brothers are at the top of their game individually and as a team. In spite of two high-profile losses involving The Young Bucks, The Lucha Brothers will be a major attraction at All Out in Chicago. Expect lots of high spots to please the crowd since this match is a little light on story.

Pentagon & Rey Fenix via pinfall

The Dark Order vs. Angelico and Jack Evans vs. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus
Winners advance to ALL OUT for an opportunity at a first round buy in the AEW Tag Team Championship Tournament

Formerly known as The Super Smash Brothers, The Dark Order debuted at Double Or Nothing and laid waste to The Best Friends and Angelico & Jack Evans after their match. Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy, have a great chance in this match to enhance their position in AEW and could win this match to give the fans a heartwarming victory to cheer early in the show, but after their statement-making debut at Double Or Nothing, it's hard to imagine The Dark Order not winning this match. The Dark Order are veterans of the indie scene and have had numerous matches with The Young Bucks and are likely being groomed as a future opponent for The Young Bucks in AEW.


The Dark Order via pinfall

The Buy In Pre-show

MJF (0-2-0), Shawn Spears (0-1-0) & Sammy Guevara (0-1-0) vs. Joey Janela (0-1-0), Darby Allin (0-1-0) & Jimmy Havoc (0-2-0)

This match should be absolute chaos. One one side: Maxwell Jacob Friedman is one of the hottest heels in AEW but he's teamed with the other hottest heel in AEW since attacking Cody with a steel chair, Shawn Spears. Guevara had a great showing in his loss to Kip Sabian and should bring an aerial element to his team. On the other side is one of the most hardcore tag team trios assembled in recent memory: Darby Allin sacrificed his body in a draw with Cody at Fyter Fest and Jimmy Havoc & Joey Janela are both known as some of the most hardcore wrestlers competing today and they briefly aligned during the Casino Battle Royal (posted above in full) at Double Or Nothing. Amidst the chaos, this match should be a lot of fun but it's hard to imagine MJF being able to co-exist on the same team as Shawn Spears. In spite of being quite despicable, MJF has an undying loyalty to his friend, Cody. After Spears attacked Cody, MJF was quoted saying, "F*** Shawn Spears." With the other team imploding, expect Janela, Havoc, & Allin to get the victory via pinfall.

Joey Janela, Darby Allin, & Jimmy Havoc via pinfall

Britt Baker (1-0-0) & Riho (1-0-0) vs. Bea Priestley & Shoko Nakajima

Britt Baker was one of the first announced signings of AEW and won her first match against Nyla Rose, Kylie Rae, and Awesome Kong (added last-minute to the match by Brandi Rhodes) at Double Or Nothing. Riho upset Nyla Rose & Yuka Sakazaki with win at Fyter Fest and now she will team with Britt Baker to take on the debuting Bea Priestley & Shoko Nakajima. We don't know what to expect from this team of Priestley and Nakajima, but both have plenty of personality and will likely win the support of AEW fans. An upset is possible here but Britt & Riho are at the top of AEW's Women's Division right now and without any interference they will still be at the top as we head into All Out.

Britt Baker & Riho

Sonny Kiss (0-1-0)vs. Peter Avalon (0-0-0) with Leva Bates

With "The Librarian" gimmick falling flat so far at Double Or Nothing & Fyter Fest and it being acknowledged on "Being The Elite" expect Peter Avalon and Leva Bates to get a hilariously cathartic beating from, rising star, Sonny Kiss. Sonny Kiss is incredibly athletic and Peter Avalon is a fantastic heel wrestler that is capable of putting on a great opening match for Fight For The Fallen. Leva Bates should get involved here too. Hopefully Sonny can help get this duo back on track while picking up the victory.

Sonny Kiss via pinfall