As noted, tonight's WWE RAW Reunion special will feature another "A Moment of Bliss" segment with Alexa Bliss and RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch.

Bliss spoke with Sports Illustrated and said she plans to expose The Man tonight.

"I have a plan for tonight's A Moment of Bliss, and that plan is to expose Becky Lynch's past," said Bliss. "Tonight is the Raw Reunion, and that is all about the moments that have helped make WWE. It's great to have all the legends coming back to Raw, but it's also the perfect time to create this moment with Becky."

Bliss continued, "I've known Becky for a very long time, and I remember her first day in NXT. One of my first rivalries in WWE after I debuted on SmackDown was against Becky. She is the perfect person to interview, and expose, on A Moment of Bliss."

There's no word yet on if they have plans for Bliss to be added to Natalya vs. Lynch at SummerSlam, but Bliss says she can humble Lynch.

"Ever since Becky has taken on this persona of 'The Man,' she's become way too cocky," Bliss said. "If there is anyone who can humble her, it's me."

"This is the moment when I'm going to marry the difference between reality and storyline. Becky always loves a challenge, but we'll see if she can step up to a challenge when she's at her most vulnerable point."

Regarding tonight's RAW Reunion, Bliss said she would like to see WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus return for the chance to challenge her. Bliss was forced to miss the potential match at WWE Evolution last year due to a concussion.

"Obviously I wish I had the match with Trish last year at Evolution," Bliss said. "I would love to face her, whether that's SummerSlam, Evolution or anywhere else. I would love to have that moment."