- Cathy Kelly previews tonight's WWE SmackDown from San Antonio, TX in this new video.

- We've noted how this week's WWE RAW episode had the "fingerprints" of new Executive Director Paul Heyman all over it, but Heyman did not run the entire show and the pre-RAW production meeting still featured Vince McMahon and lead RAW writer Ed Koskey as the main ones planning the show, not Heyman.

John Pollock reports that tonight's SmackDown is expected to run off a similar scenario, with Vince and Ryan Ward as the main ones planning the show. New blue brand Executive Director Eric Bischoff is expected to be at the show, but his first official episode is believed to be the post-Extreme Rules show on July 16. There's no word yet on if Bischoff will have any influence over tonight's SmackDown as Heyman did with RAW.

- Renee Michelle is not happy with her husband. New WWE 24/7 Champion Drake Maverick tweeted the following clip this afternoon, checking in from the beginning of their honeymoon and playing up the angle where he puts the title above his wife. Drake even left Renee, a former Mae Young Classic competitor, in coach while he flew first class as champion. It will be interesting to see if Drake, the WWE 205 Live General Manager, misses tonight's SmackDown and 205 Live, or if they do some sort of title change at an airport.