Batista has had an up and down relationship with WWE over the years. Batista officially announced his retirement following his WrestleMania defeat at the hands of long-time mentor and rival Triple H. Batista appeared on Talk is Jericho and revealed that they wanted the match to be a "Hell in a Cell" bout.

"Originally, we wanted it to be a Hell in a Cell," Batista revealed. "Vince didn't want it because of the pay-per-view (Hell in a Cell being its own event). We needed bells and whistles; we needed the drama. We are two old guys that haven't wrestled in a while, we have already got the history. We just needed the violence."

One of the memorable moments of their no holds barred match came when Triple H extracted Batista's nose ring with a pair of needle nose pliers. Batista said that idea came from the Game himself.

"That was all Hunter," Batista explained. "I would never wear that out to the ring. But Hunter asked if I was going to wear it out and said he had a spot and explained it. I said, 'Hell yeah I'll wear it out!' We talked about pulling it out, it was great."

Batista admitted that he was beaten up during the match. He noted that a table bump hurt the worst because he took it wrong.

"I was really beaten up," Batista recalled. "I took a really bad bump. The bump that looked like it hurt the least, hurt the worst. It was this bump I took on a table, I took it all kinds of wrong. So, I felt a little beat up, but I felt really satisfied, at peace with myself, I was happy to go out with that. It was weird, I had such hatred coming back on my last run, but I felt all love this time around. I wanted to beat myself up to show the fans it meant something to me."

Batista noted that he talked to Vince McMahon after the match, and the Chairman of the Board was happy with how it turned out.

"When I got back to gorilla, everyone was gone," Batista said. "I did talk to Vince. It wasn't anything emotional, but he was really happy. All along he was really happy I was back. We butted heads a little bit, not in a bad way, but a creative way. It's weird, I have had my differences with Vince, but I have always gotten along with him. I don't have anything bad to say about him."

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