As seen in the video above, Dave Batista recently answered some quick questions for WrestlingNewsCo. about his career in both acting and WWE. Batista has multiple big budget Hollywood films releasing this summer after being featured as Drax in Avengers: Endgame. Those movies, Stuber and My Spy, are set to release in July and August respectively.

When asked about who's another WWE star past or present that would succeed at acting in Hollywood, Batista had a certain woman in mind.

"Ashley [Charlotte] Flair [has what it takes to make it in Hollywood]," Batista said.

Batista explained that his goal wasn't necessarily to become a big player in the world of Hollywood. He believes it's ultimately a personal, natural process that each person has to go through before they truly figure out their acting goals.

"It's not really advice, but the way I [started in the film industry] is I just really wanted to be an actor. I didn't really want to be a movie star, but that was my road so I don't know. It's an individual thing," Batista stated.

One thing Batista is certain of is that his time in the squared circle has come to an end. He's satisfied keeping his legacy intact the way it is.

"Yeah, I'm done. I want to keep it all together," Batista explained.