RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch and GLOW actress Alison Brie recently spoke with ESPN to promote their new ESPN The Magazine cover. Lynch was asked to describe what "The Man" means.

"For me, the top person, the person of the most extraordinary ability, has always been referred to as "The Man." And until this moment, that person of exceptional ability has always been a man," Lynch said. "So when I broke out and started claiming my status as the top dog in WWE, I started referring to myself as 'The Man.'"

Lynch was also asked if she was surprised at "how nuts" people went when she started using the nickname. She said, "Oh yeah. People lost their minds. I look at it as the most empowering thing. I'm turning gender roles on their head."

Regarding her in-ring experience, Becky said being in the ring is addictive. She was asked what does being in the ring give her that nothing else does.

"It's almost indescribable. It's everything. It's adrenaline, it's excitement, it's love. It really is addictive. That's why it's hard for a lot of people to exit the business, because there's not another feeling like it," Becky said. She continued, "When I'm in the ring, I look out and see people of all different ages, genders, races holding signs for 'The Man' or 'Becky Lynch.' And, I mean, I kind of came from not much and wasn't naturally good at anything. And I see all of these different demographics enjoying the message that I'm bringing across. When you realize the impact that you can have on people's lives, the influence-that's powerful. And it's not something to be taken lightly."

The Man also revealed that her favorite wrestling move is the forearm when asked what her favorite move is.

"To be honest with you, I just like forearming people," Lynch said. "It's so simple, and it always gets a good reaction. You can do all these technical, fancy things, but as soon as you throw a forearm or a punch, it's on!"