- As noted, WWE began a new storyline with Liv Morgan on last night's WWE SmackDown. It had been speculated that Morgan would receive more TV time after she was mentioned in the recent anti-Shane McMahon promo from Kevin Owens. After speaking out during Shane's Town Hall meeting last night, Liv ended up losing a match to the returning Charlotte Flair, after controlling much of it. Video from the match can be seen below. Liv then got emotional after the match and said she will "be real" when she comes back.

Above is post-match video of Sarah Schreiber talking to Flair after the match. Schreiber asked Flair if she underestimated Liv at any point.

"The last time someone used the word 'fake' at me, they got a knee to the face. Liv wants to know why she's sitting at catering and not getting opportunities? Well, she should probably re-watch our match a million times. I might've not been here, but that's still my throne and there's still only one queen," Flair said.

- We noted before that the return date for season 1 of "Miz & Mrs." has been moved to Tuesday, July 23 after originally being announced for Tuesday, August 6. Next Tuesday's episode will air at 10:30pm ET on the USA Network. The show will return to its regularly scheduled time of 10m ET, after SmackDown goes off the air, beginning on August 6. USA has also announced that a special sneak peek premiere episode will air after Monday's RAW Reunion special at 11pm ET. As noted, the second season of the hit docuseries with The Miz and Maryse will begin airing in 2020.

- Kevin Owens took to Twitter after his attacks to Shane McMahon on last night's WWE SmackDown, to continue with the taunts and warnings.

Owens first wrote, "You can try to get rid of me or squirm to get away all you want, I'm not going anywhere. I will end you, @shanemcmahon."

"Told you. @shanemcmahon," he later warned.

Owens then recapped his night. He wrote, "What a night! Hit Shane with 2 Stunners (almost 3!), outran 17 dudes, found an episode of Kitchen Nightmares I've never seen before on Hulu and in a few hours, I'll be back home with my family. Things are great!"

You can see the related tweets below: