Below are the highlights from episode three of Road to Fight for the Fallen.

* Alex Marvez runs down some stats about the upcoming AEW Fight for the Fallen match between Cody & Dustin Rhodes and The Young Bucks. It's been 1609 days since Cody and Dustin Rhodes have teamed together. This will be the first time Dustin is in the same ring against The Young Bucks.

* Brandi Rhodes goes to train and Allie shows up. Allie says she knows there's been some weirdness between them, but she just wants to have a great match. Brandi thanks her and shakes Allie's hand. They hug and Allie heads off.

* Allie says she saw what Brandi said last episode and she too knows what it's like to have confidence issues, especially in the ring. Since she's been able to work through it, the wrestling business has taken her all over the world. Allie runs down some of her career, along with winning the Impact Knockouts Championship and how it validated everything she had done. Allie notes whenever she's in a high pressure match, she digs deep, and always shows up.

* Nik Sobic, VP of Business Operations, talks about the location of the upcoming show, Daily's Place. Shad Khan (AEW Owner) designed the building three years ago. He says it's not just any outdoor music venue, it feels more like an opera house and there's not a bad seat in the house.

* "The Librarian" Peter Avalon (with "The Librarian" Leva Bates) vs. Sonny Kiss was announced for The Buy In pre-show. AEW Fight for the Fallen takes place on July 13 at Daily's Place in Jacksonville, Florida. Be sure to join Wrestling Inc.'s live coverage beginning at 7:30 pm ET on Saturday.

* Cody says before events began selling out, there was only a handful of guys who got started with this project. With Fight for the Fallen, Cody felt like it would be not only a great draw to go up against The Young Bucks, but it's a way to test himself, as well. It then hit him what would be better than The Bucks vs. The Rhodes? Cody tells Dustin (who's sitting next to him), "I thought you were going to say no" to his tag match offer. Dustin respond he would never say no, but really wanted to retire. Dustin says he's scouted Nick and Matt, and they kind of scare him because they do everything in the ring.

Dustin then says they like to make fun of others a lot, and he doesn't appreciate that. Cody then tells a story about doing a dinner with some TNT folks, Tony Khan tells them about how critically acclaimed The Rhodes Brothers are and Kenny Omega (who was also at the dinner) was shocked and said, "Really?" Cody was surprised Omega didn't know, but knew he was maybe just needling Cody. Dustin responds, "We were the first team to beat The Shield" (Shield gets partially bleeped out). Cody mentions how Matt and Nick are always on social media and "flirting" with teams like The Usos (again, gets partially bleeped) and he recalls him and Dustin beating The Usos for about two years straight. He continues that the "Elite fans" may think he and Dustin are an "odd pairing," but they're a great team.