Tonight at a WWE Live Event Shane McMahon banned Kevin Owens and before he drove off, Owens made the announcement that he's coming to tomorrow's Extreme Rules and nobody was going to stop him. Below is what Owens said in the video.

"Now you're banning me from live events? That's cute. I guess the security you hired thinks you suck as much as I think you suck because I got in pretty easy. Now you can ask Dolph Ziggler, your little buddy, how his neck feels, how his jaw feels after I hit him with a stunner. You know what else you can't keep me out of Philadelphia tomorrow night at Extreme Rules. I have a lot of history in Philadelphia and tomorrow night I'm making more because I'm coming. Nobody's going to keep me out. I don't care if you have an issue and I don't care if Dolph Ziggler has an issue with it. I don't care who has an issue with it. Anyone who has a problem with me being in there come at me. Come try me, because I would love it. Tomorrow night, I'll be making more history in Philadelphia. I'm turning Extreme Rules into the Kevin Owens Show. Shane, you can call yourself the best in the world, well you're looking at the complete opposite of you and I'm so proud of that. You're looking at the worst in the world and tomorrow night I'm going to ruin Extreme Rules for you and anyone else who steps in my way. Trust me!"

Earlier this afternoon, Kevin Owens made a list of WWE stars that aren't going to be at Extreme Rules because of Shane McMahon. Dolph Ziggler also responded to his tweet with his own list, people that he thinks he's better than.

Below is the video that WWE posted: