Mandy Rose spoke with Uproxx this week and addressed the rumors and speculation on WWE doing a romantic relationship between she and partner Sonya Deville on SmackDown. Rose was asked if she has any insights on the rumors, which began after the post-match interaction seen in the video above.

"I don't have many insights to offer on that," she said. "I think there's definitely rumors and stuff like that. But it's also hard to say because my character is pretty sexual and pretty sassy, the way I am. So anything I do, it doesn't really matter if it's to Sonya or to anyone else. It's just who my character is, so it's hard to judge. But I guess you're just going to have to stay tuned, right? You never know."

The interviewer commented that "you never know" is always the answer. Rose responded, "Yeah, right? And obviously, if there was ever to be a type of relationship with us, I'm super supportive and WWE is super supportive of inclusion and the LGBTQ community, so I think it would be awesome."

Rose talked more about her relationship with Deville and said it's "very real, on and off the screen." She added that they are best friends off TV, and have been since they met. She added on their friendship, "So we try to keep everything as real as possible, even when we're on TV, with our characters, because that's the most authentic and real to the fans. So it hasn't gotten complicated between the two of us really, ever. We have a very interesting dynamic where we understand the business. We understand how it works, and we're so lucky to have each other because obviously it's hard to find real, true friends in life in general but especially in business that's super competitive and ruthless. So it's really good that we have each other, and have that support. That we can go to each other with anything, and drive to shows together. So it's never gotten complicated, ever, with the two of us. I hope it never does, because we have a great relationship, and I hope it never gets like that, because we want to continue our friendship. It's everlasting, outside of WWE as well."

We noted before, via Wrestling Observer Radio, that Deville and Rose reportedly spent time practicing their lines for the live backstage segment on this week's SmackDown episode, which was to build to a tag team match on next week's show. Despite practicing the lines throughout the afternoon, they both botched their lines and it wasn't clear if next Tuesday's match will be to earn a title shot, or if it will be an actual title shot from WWE Women's Tag Team Champions The IIconics. Rose was asked about the segment, and if next week's match is for the titles. She revealed that they are to face Billie Kay and Peyton Royce in a non-title match and if they win, they will become a new #1 contender. As we've noted, there have been rumors on a Triple Threat at WWE SummerSlam with The IIconics defending against Asuka and Kairi Sane, plus Deville and Rose.

"It got a little confusing," Rose admitted. "Sonya got confused and thought it was a title match, and then I tried to correct her: If we win we get a title match. So next week, as of now, we're supposed to be competing against the IIconics, and if we win we earn an opportunity for a title match."

Regarding the WWE Women's Tag Team Titles, Rose was asked if it's been frustrating to be in a tag team while there have been few title matches since they were introduced, and really barely any women's tag team matches at all.

"Yeah, it's hard, because there's so little time for everyone to get put on the show, obviously," Rose said. "And you have these spurts where sometimes you don't see certain titles being used as much. And I think we just try to make the best of it, to be honest. It's hard. The good thing I have to say about Sonya and I, even as a tag team we do get some opportunities for singles matches. I think lately more than tag matches to be honest.

"But it's always good to branch and build your character by itself as well, with the support of someone valeting you or on the apron or whatever it may be. So we do get those opportunities. And I think it's just a time thing, and I think it's hard to fit so many people on a two hour show, in the case of Smackdown. So it's definitely frustrating for sure, but I'm hoping it'll get a little bit better. And I'm hoping that now that we're involved more with the Tag Titles, that we can show our strength in tag teaming as well."