As noted, WWE's Lacey Evans caught the attention of Hall of Famer Alundra Blayze when she tweeted out the statement, "Legends = Yesterday's nasties".

Blayze didn't hold back in her response to Evans, writing, "You'll be lucky to be considered a legend... ?? you failed in the military. you live in a portable trailer, drag your kid and husband around. Ur hubby looked at me... gave me a complement and said "honey maybe you could be more like Alundra ... your yesterday regurgitated garbage"

Evans wouldn't allow this message to pass by without getting her own jabs in at Blayze, "Shootin the real shots? I musta got under your wrinkly skin," Evans wrote. "Bless her heart. I'm typing this 8yrs honorably discharged from serving our country while in said trailer, over looking lots of land, and $$ in the bank. As far as my family goes hubby gets it every night & baby is happy."

In response to a fan writing, "I wouldn't mind seeing you and Madusa have a brief staredown," Evans replied, "She wouldn't be able to handle it. Just like she couldn't handle holding the 24/7 title."

Blayze defended herself and respond, "WTH you talking? Ted DiBiase never pinned me for the title he handed me over some cash and I gave them the title. Men get distracted easy by shiny new things like your husband did when I walked by. when you're done acting your shoe size rather than your age contact me." After it was posted, this message didn't receive a direct response from Evans.

To continue the feud, Blayze located a recent photo that Evans had posted and added the comment, "Too bad there's nothing to set that pretty little hat on but a hot air ballon... ???? and those are fake ass pearls geez ?? Be careful I know who your seamstress is... you may find a bottle of NAIR sprayed in the top of the next bale of hay hat you wear!"

Evans retaliated with, "1. My seamstress Sandra Gray 2. Ive trained 5 years military police (swat) while you were busy flipping and flopping in a ring trying to be somebody. Trust me when i tell you...Your drop kicks and promos will only get you so far when threatening me." Evans would then post a picture of herself in full military garb, grabbing her crotch with the added name of "Alundra Blayze" photoshopped over her hand. She included the caption, "I never watched wrestling, dont care what you've accomplished, barely know who you are... but I've got 2 words for you."

Blayze replied with, "When their comebacks have nothing else relevant to say… The weak collapse and start making disgusting extracurricular sexual remarks. Definitely acting your shoe size now. I know you're talented, strong and beautiful but don't ever cave in and revert to Dirt like this."

Evans last message as of this writing reads, "I love pissing off 'legends'. Especially hall of famers I didnt know existed until I got signed. Good night ya nasties."

You can see the full tweets below: