Below are highlights from the latest AEW The Road to All Out:

* AEW Control Center, Lexy Nair hypes the upcoming PPV, specifically with the rivalry between The Young Bucks and The Lucha Brothers, who will defend the AAA Tag Titles in a ladder match on August 31. The Young Bucks talk about the match and say Pentagon Jr. and Fenix are one of their best rivals. Matt notes him and Nick usually have the advantage in matches because they are brothers and just know what each other are thinking, but in this match they don't have that advantage against Pentagon and Fenix. They do believe they have an advantage though as Matt doesn't think their opponents have seen what they can do in a ladder match. Nick says when the stakes are at their highest, The Young Bucks excel.

* It's announced Private Party will take on Angelico and Jack Evans on The Buy In for All Out.

* Jim Ross sits down with "Hangman" Adam Page to talk about the upcoming AEW World Championship match at AEW All Out between Chris Jericho and Page. Ross says that some people feel like this may be too much for Page at 27 years old and wonders what Page thinks about that. Page says some people might see the "best case scenario" as Chris Jericho winning the title, because he's done it before and because AEW is going to TV, it might be best for him to be champion. He continues that what AEW is at its core, it wasn't built by recognizable faces, it was built by people doing "cowboy s---." Page thinks he can bring something new to the table as champion.

Ross says he thinks Jericho is the dangerous right now because he really doesn't have a weakness and asks how Page prepares for that. Page says it's difficult to do so and goes on about how he's grown up watching Jericho, and all the years it took him to get to this point in his career. He says Jericho does have one weakness and it's how "physically desperate" Jericho is to win the championship title. Ross says assuming Jericho is the favorite in this match, is Page good with being the underdog? Page replies he's always been that, so it doesn't bother him at all. Ultimately, Page says he has to take advantage of this opportunity and win the title.