Bill Dundee had a storied wrestling career which dated back to the 1960s in which he appeared for several promotions. He wrestled mostly for southern territories including NWA Mid-South, Continental Wrestling Association and the USWA.

Dundee won over 60 championships during his career but none of them came in the major, national promotions like WWE. However, that hasn't stopped the WWE from putting similar wrestlers into their Hall of Fame and Dundee was asked by Interactive Wrestling Radio if he wants into the WWE HOF.

"It's a work! What do you have to do to get in," Dundee asked rhetorically. "Somebody has to like you. It isn't on what you do. Somebody has to like you and put your name in it. It isn't like a football player who goes out and kicks ass for five, 10 seasons. It isn't like NASCAR where you win a lot of races. Wrestling, somebody says, 'Hey, put him in.' What the f*** does that mean? Nothing! I don't care about the Hall of Fame!"

In addition to wrestling, Dundee was also a booker and promoter and that led to interest from WWE regarding a role. However, while his dinner with the McMahons seemingly went well, Dundee was not hired allegedly due to a personal conflict with The Undertaker.

"Yeah, they were interviewing me for a job but the Undertaker didn't want me to have that job," Dundee said while laughing. "Well, he and a couple other people. But, I think Undertaker did the most of it. I have no earthly idea why he don't like me. He used to know a young lady and that ought to let you know some kind of idea. She gave him a version of me. But, I don't know why he doesn't like me."

The Undertaker and Dundee both worked for the USWA in the late 1980s and their paths may have crossed at some point. Dundee then took a shot at 'Taker's physical appearance after seeing him recently.

"But I saw a picture of the old f***er and he doesn't look like the same Mark now, does he? He's shrinking away to nothing," said Dundee. "Well, when he gets down to about 210 pounds, maybe we'll see how bad he is [laughs]."