Welcome to Wrestling INC's coverage of Ring of Honor Summer Supercard pay per view, streaming live via Fite.tv and Honor Club. Tonight's event takes place from the Mattamy Athletic Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Feel free to follow along and sound off in the comments. Enjoy the show!

Show opens with a 10-bell salute for the legendary Harley Race, who passed away on August 1st after a battle with lung cancer. Nice ovation from the crowd afterwards.

Ring of Honor intro vignette.

Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman welcome us to Summer Supercard from Toronto. They run down the evening's exciting card, including the main event, which is announced as the Ladder War between the Briscoes and The Guerrillas of Destiny for the ROH tag team titles.

Villain Enterprises (PCO & Brody King) make their way to the ring for our opening contest. They'll be battling The Kingdom (TK O'Ryan & Vinny Marseglia )in tag action. Footage of The Kingdom's attack on the Bouncers from Manhattan Mayhem is shown. The Bouncers are close to ringside for this one.

Villain Enterprises versus The Kingdom

PCO and O'Ryan start. PCO shoves O'Ryan through the ropes with ease. O'Ryan takes a moment to regroup. He nails PCO with multiple chops, then drops an elbow behind his head. Suplex attempt...PCO blocks it...he tosses O'Ryan into the turnbuckles and follows up wit a scoop slam. Corner attack by PCO. He brings in King, who targets O'Ryan's chest with vicious chops of his own. Marseglia comes in...he tries shoulder bumping King but King's too powerful and takes him down. Back and forth striking...King wins the exchange. Marseglia with some misdirection...dropkick...King is barely affected and hits a lariat. PCO tags in. Loud PCO chants. Double team from the Kingdom. Marseglia takes him down with a neckbreaker. Early cover...only two. Marseglia talks a little trash, then makes a quick tag to O'Ryan. O'Ryan goes after PCO's eye, clawing at it. The Kingdom uses tandem offense to keep PCO grounded. Snapmare and headlock from O'Ryan.

PCO begins a comeback but O'Ryan slows him down with an eye rake. Suplex connects. PCO pops back up and hits a lariat. King tagged in. He drops Marseglia and O'Ryan with chops. Corner lariat to both men. He traps the Kingdom in the turnbuckles...stinger splash. They roll to the outside...King takes them out with a running senton off the apron. PCO on the apron now...King monkey flips him onto the Kingdom! Place goes wild! Back in the ring...pop-up powerbomb from PCO to O'Ryan for a nearfall. All four men in now...Marseglia drops King to the outside. PCO charges but accidentally hits King! Double suicide dive from the Kingdom. They hit a spinebuster/headbutt combo...PCO kicks out at two again. They go for their finisher...PCO shifts his body and escapes...King picks O'Ryan up...Gonzo bomb. PCO to the top...moonsault connects. It's over.

Villain Enterprises win by pinfall

Afterwards the Kingdom and the Bouncers argue...they brawl at ringside! Beer City Brawler smashes a beer off of Vinny Marseglia's head! Security is out to pull them apart...eventually they separate the two teams. "Let them fight" chants from the crowd.

Commentary welcomes Rhett Titus to the table. They congratulate him on the birth of his child.

PJ Black is out for our second matchup of the evening. He'll be battling the "Last Real Man" Silas Young, who is out second, but not in his ring gear. He cuts a promo on Black and pulls out a bottle of whiskey from his pocket. His microphone goes out for a second so it's difficult to hear what he says. Young then reminds Black that they've already wrestled recently, and that Young beat him fair and square, so they don't need to do it. Young exits. Black gets on the microphone and says that he came here to wrestle. He names a few opponents...but ends by asking "what about this man?"

It's Marty Scurll! Big pop for the Villain Enterprises leader. He gets on the mic. "Let's not waste any more time."

PJ Black versus Marty Scurll

Action starts quick. Black lands a thrust kick. He bounces off the ropes...Scurll runs through him with an elbow. Big chops from Scurll. Black rolls over Scurll...spin kick to the gut. He gets to the apron...springboard crossbody. Submission by Black, who pulls at Scurll's arm, then stomps it to the mat. Scurll to his feet...Black takes him back down with a snap-suplex. He traps Scurll in a cradle...two count. Modified octopus stretch by Black, who continues to weaken Scurll's arm. Scurll gets put on the top...frankensteiner blocked by Scurll...Black eventually hits it. Whisper in the wind for a nearfall. Black climbs again...Scurll evades and nails Black with a half-dragon suplex. Huge uppercuts by Scurll sends Black to ringside. Scurll jumps to the apron...superkick.

Back in the ring...Scurll strings together offense with a chop and tornado DDT. Cover...Black kicks out. Scurll hooks the arms...Black counters...he gets caught with a lariat. Scurll sets Black up...powerbomb with a stack...another two count. He calls for the chicken-wing...Black pushes him to the ropes...Spanish-Fly off the middle rope! Pumphandle cutter from Black. Springboard moonsault connects. He goes for it again...Scurll gets the feet up...Black responds with a superkick! Scurll fires one right back, then snaps Black's fingers! Black catches Scurll with a backslide pin...they trade roll-ups...back and forth striking...black plague out of nowhere by Scurll. That'll do it.

Marty Scurll wins by pinfall

Commentary puts over how well Black performed, but that he wasn't prepared to face someone the caliber of Scurll. Women of Honor title match coming up next. A video package showing how Tasha Steelz earned a title opportunity against Kelly Klein is shown, where she defeated Angelina Love twice at Mass Hysteria and Manhattan Mayhem. Steelz says she's going to be the first women of color to become champion.

Tasha Steelz is out first, followed by the champ. After an intense handshake...this one is underway.

Tasha Steelz versus Kelly Klein for the WOH World Championship

They trade waistlocks. Steelz goes for the cutter early but Klein has it scouted and pushes her off. Steelz sends Klein into the corner with a shotgun dropkick. Klein answers by catapulting Steelz across the ring, then applying a deep headlock. Steelz breaks free...Klein makes her pay with a running lariat. Multiple strikes by Klein...Steelz hits a headscissor but Klein fires right back with a standing boot. Steelz back up...she lands several jabs and a discus punch. Klein ends up on the apron...forearm and dropkick sends the champ to the outside. Steelz calls or a suicide dive...she gets it.

Back in the ring Klein and Steelz trade shots in the center, with neither gaining the advantage. Steelz off the ropes...Klein surprises her with an elbow but Steelz is right there for a discus forearm. Pace picks up...Klein nails a front face DDT, then hits her signature fallaway slam and saito suplex in succession. German suplex attempt...Steelz tries to block it...Klein is too strong though. A second German suplex. Pinfall attempt...two count. Klein goes for a vertical suplex...Steelz gets out of it...cutter! Klein rolls to the ropes...Steelz can't make a cover. She applies a sleeper hold right in the center...Klein in trouble...she manages to escape. Pump kick misses...Klein with the samoan driver....Steelz can't kick out this time.

Kelly Klein wins by pinfall and retains the WOH World Championship

Klein helps Steelz to her feet and they begin to celebrate when Angelina Love attacks them from behind. Love picks up Klein's title and poses with it over her body. Commentary says there was no reason for the attack, as Love has a title shot whenever she wants to cash-in. They reminds us that Love is one of the only women to pin Klein.

Tag action coming up next. Jonathan Gresham makes his way to the ring, followed by his partner, the former ROH World champion Jay Lethal. Lifeblood's Bandido and Mark Haskins are out next. They all adhere to the code of honor and shake hands.

Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham versus Lifeblood

Haskins and Gresham in first. Knuckle-lock to start. Haskins wins the exchange and powers Gresham to the mat. Gresham with a European style escape. Nice sequence of chain wrestling...they break apart and reset. Haskins tries to apply a headlock but Gresham manages to get back to his feet everytime. Crowd applauds the technique. Another tie-up...Haskins traps Gresham in the corner and goes for a chop...Gresham ducks it...three quick headlock takeovers from Gresham...Haskins bounces up each time. They shake hands, although Gresham shows some attitude. Lethal tags in...fans beg for Bandido to be brough it...Haskins obliges. Dueling chants for both guys...place is going crazy before they even lock up.

Tie-up. Bandido pushes Lethal up onto the ropes...then rolls out without attacking. They circle each other. Second tie-up...Lethal gets the better of the luchador this time, wooing in Bandido's face after releasing the grapple. Headlock from Bandido...he bounces off the ropes...handspring maneuver teased...Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection but Bandido moves...fast paced sequence of quick pinfalls and counters ends in a stalemate. Crowd loving every minute. Double-team from Lifeblood...hip toss/basement dropkick combo. Haskins with huge forearms...Lethal fires back with some of his own but Haskins gets the better of the exchange. Bandido back in...running single-leg kick to Lethal's face. Lifeblood with quick tags...Lethal goes for a sunset flip but Haskins with a fancy counter...he stomps Lethal's arm hard into the mat. Gresham with a blind tag...he catches Haskins in air with a German while Lethal hits Bandido with a springboard dropkick.

Gresham in control now...he lays into Haskins with double-axe handles to the back. Snap arm-drag...he hammerlocks Haskins' arm, then tags in Lethal who aims at it with a kick. Pop up body drop from Lethal. Big chops to Haskins in the corner that echoes throughout the arena. Haskins flips over Lethal and surprises him with a leg-lariat. Bandido makes the tag and connects with a flip-over senton. He does the Eddie Guerrero shake to the delight of the fans. Lethal and Bandido trade shots...Bandido goes to bounce off the ropes but Gresham pulls the ropes down and Bandido tumbles to the outside. Gresham tags himself in and continues assaulting Bandido on the outside. Gresham picks up a chair and goes to smash Bandido until Lethal stops him. They argue for a second...Lethal pulls the chair from him...Gresham pushes Gresham down. He goes back into the ring and gets nailed with a left jab from Haskins. All four men in the ring now...Haskins catches Gresham and delivers an attitude adjustment onto Lethal! Cover...Lethal escapes.

Haskins nearly wins the match with a falcon arrow. Bandido tags back in...falcon arrow/frog splash combo...Gresham breaks up the pin. He tosses Bandido to the outside...Lethal and Gresham with the double-team. Lethal goes for the figure-four...Haskins cradles him...two! Gresham takes out Bandido with a suicide dive...Lethal has the figure-four in this time. Haskins in trouble...he's right in the center...Bandido tries to break it up but Gresham holds him down...Bandido powerbombs Gresham onto Lethal breaking the submission! Everyone is down. Loud ROH chants.

Bandido and Gresham go at it...back and forth striking...enziguri by Gresham but Bandido with a pop-up cutter! Haskins applies the sharpshooter out of nowhere onto Lethal! Bandido takes out Gresham on the outside with a flying crossbody! Lethal taps! Lethal taps!

Mark Haskins & Bandido win by submission

Video package hyping the ROH Television title match between Shane Taylor and Lifeblood's Tracy Williams. Williams earned this shot by defeating Silas Young.

Back to the arena...Williams makes his way to the ring first. Flip Gordon comes out of nowhere and attacks Williams with a Singapore cane! Referees chase Gordon off. Commentary tells us that the match will not happen as Williams is not a 100%. They tells us that Dalton Castle and RUSH will instead be next.

Dalton Castle is out first, followed by RUSH.

Dalton Castle versus RUSH in a no disqualification match

Superman punch by Rush sends Castle to the outside. Castle throws a chair but Rush dodges it and connects with a knee. Fight moves back inside...Rush with big chops, followed by a snapmare/dropkick combo. He rips at Castle with a headlock, then transitions into an armbar. He releases and taunts Castle, allowing him to stand up. Castle throws a wild haymaker, which Rush turns into an armbar through the ropes. He plays to the crowd while Castle screams in pain. Rush fakes a springboard maneuver...he kicks Castle right in the face. Castle goes to leave...Rush in quick pursuit...he whips Castle into a steel barricade near the entrance. He throws a trash can at Castle. Snapmare and PK to Castle's back. Rush wraps an electrical chord around Castle's neck and chokes him. Castle has had virtually no offense.

Back in the ring...Rush aggressively stomps down Castle in the corner. He goes for his finishing basement corner dropkick...he fakes it and boots Castle in the face again. Castle takes advantage by hitting Rush with a prop that he brought in from his entrance, then connects with a standing spinebuster. Back to ringside...Castle tosses a chair at Rush's head. He sits Rush in the chair and plays to the crowd before hitting a running dropkick. Castle then mocks Rush inside the ring with the Los Ingobernables Tranquilo pose. Rush gets angry and goes for a lariat...Castle ducks and takes Rush down with a German suplex. He picks Rush up and powerslams him into a fan in the first row! Camera pulls in for a close-up on Castle...he says that Rush should stay in those seats and pay admission. Castle brings him back near ringside...backbreaker. Another chair shot. Castle stands on a chair and lands a splash. Eventually the action returns into the ring.

Castle with a cover but Rush escapes. Knees to Rush's gut. Castle continues to talk trash...his strikes begin to have no effect. Rush surprises Castle with a rebound German suplex. He brings him to the outside and whips him into the barricade. Powerbomb on a table that doesn't break. Rush tosses Castle and a trash can into the ring. He throws a bunch of weapons into the ring...Castle tires smashing the trash can off Rush's head but it still has no effect. Rush traps Castle in the corner...Bulls Horns dropkick. It's over.

RUSH wins by pinfall

Preview for upcoming ROH event. World champion Matt Taven advertises the best of ROH DVD.

Tracy Williams comes back to the ring with his shoulder taped up. He says that it will take a lot more than that to stop him from taking Taylor's Television title, and says the match will happen right now. The champ comes out, and this one is underway.

Shane Taylor versus Tracy Williams for the ROH Television championship

Taylor goes for a haymaker at the top...Williams avoids it and lands a strike combo of his own. Taylor bounces out of the corner and hits the big strike this time, which Williams couldn't block due to his injured shoulder. Taylor shouts at the crowd, giving Williams an opportunity to hit an elbow but Taylor slows him down with a chop to the chest. He poweres Williams onto the top ropes with a choke...Williams turns it into an armbar over the ropes! He breaks it at four and climbs...crossbody...Taylor catches him...he goes for the Michinoku driver but Williams escapes. Big lariat from Taylor. He sends Williams shoulder first into the ringpost. Williams rolls to the outside to regroup...Taylor in quick pursuit...he throws Williams into the barricade. Taylor drapes Williams' arm over the apron, then drops all his weight on it with a senton.

Back in the ring Williams continues to fight hard...Taylor sends him down with one punch. He goes for a superplex...Williams blocks it and headbutts the big guy off. Williams in position...frog splash for a nearfall. Multiple forearms by Williams rocks Taylor but the champ throws another elbow that slows Williams' momentum. Scoop slam...Taylor misses the middle-rope splash...Williams immediately applies the crossface! Taylor is in trouble...he just gets to the ropes to break the hold. Williams keeps the pressure on with a flurry of kicks and chops. He goes for a saito suplex...Taylor is too big...he rings Williams down from the arm. Taylor climbs...Williams back up...he chops away at Taylor's leg...Russian leg-sweep from the middle-rope. Cover...Taylor just kicks out. Lariat. Another two count. Williams goes for a piledriver...his arm gives out so he goes for the crossface. Taylor blocks it...thrust knee and Rikishi driver in succession. That'll do it.

Shane Taylor wins by pinfall and retains the ROH Television Championship

Video package highlighting ROH's newest signee, Joe Hendry is played. He remains optimistic about returning to ROH, and says that one day he will become world champion.

The CMLL six-man tag is next. Barbaro Cavernario, Hechicero, and Templario are out first. Caristico, Soberano Jr. and Stuka Jr. are second. Silas Young joins the commentary team for this one to promote his upcoming bout in CMLL.

Barbaro Cavernario & Hechicero & Templario. versus Caristico & Soberano Jr. & Stuka Jr.

Stuka Jr. and Hechicero start with some fun lucha sequences. Match quickly breaks down, with each man popping in to hit a high spot. Springboard dropkick from Cavernario, with Templario following up with a backflip over the top ropes. Crowd is going nuts for every spot. Soberano Jr. with a twisting sidewalk slam. Cavernario breaks up the pin attempt. Triple-team by Cavernario, Hechicero and Templario. Springboard Vader Bomb from Cavernario. Soberano Jr. gets trapped in the opposing team's corner. Superkicks from Cavernario but Caristico responds with a rope walking arm-drag, then a tope con hilo onto the lot. Soberano Jr. Templario trade shots...Templario catches Soberano Jr. for a slam but Soberano turns it into a roll-up. Code red attempt...Templario blocks it and unleashes a killer combo. Templario with a front face suplex off the top with pin...only a two count. Tilt-a-whirl-backbreaker..with Stuka Jr. getting trapped in a very unique submission. Top rope C4! Caristico catches Cavernario with an armbar and gets the tap!

Caristico & Soberano Jr. & Stuka Jr. win by submission

Crowd gives all six men a nice ovation. Video package promoting tonight's world title showdown between current champion Matt Taven and challenger Alex Shelley. Footage of Shelley making the challenge prior to Taven's rematch with Jay Lethal, which ended up being a triple threat. Shelley makes his way out first. Taven is second.

Matt Taven versus Alex Shelley for the ROH World Championship

Tie-up. Shelley with a wristlock...Taven reverses the pressure and applies a chinlock. Shelley spits in Taven's face...Taven responds by slapping him hard. After a moment to regroup...they grapple again. Shelley shows off his mat wrestling skills with an arm-drag. Another reset. Shelley rolls Taven up but the champ breaks free. Shelley traps Taven's arms and goes for another unique pin...two count. Shelley taunts Taven by doing push-ups. Knuckle-lock starts...Taven goes for the inverted DDT...Shelley is prepared and transitions into a submission attempt. Pace picks up...Shelley thumbs Taven in the eye and plays to the crowd. Snapmare and knee to Taven's face. Shelley locks in a sleeper, then switches to a chinlock. Fun spot where Shelley pulls a shoe off a fan who is sleeping. He throws it at Taven. Crowd pops for the moment. Taven shoves Shelley into the barricade. Shelley responds and goes for sliced bread off the ringpost...Taven holds him up and slams him through a table where the bell-keeper sits. Ref getting close to the 20 count...Shelley just beats the count.

Taven with multiple stomps onto Shelley as he gets back in the ring. Flurry of strikes from the champ. Shelley goes for a crossbody...Taven catches him with a swinging backbreaker. Suplex for a nearfall. Taven targets the lower back with a butterfly backbreaker. Cover but Shelley stays alive. Boston Crab is in. Shelley breaks free...big open hand strikes...inverted atomic drop. Taven answers with a neckbreaker. Unfortunately, the fans seems to be distracted by something off camera so the crowd keeps coming in and out. Meanwhile Taven goes for a suplex off the apron...Shelley counters it into a DDT onto the arena floor. Shelley walks to Taven, who throws water in Taven's face. Flatliner and slice bread onto the barricade!

Action moves back to the ring...Taven goes for a frog splash...Shelley gets the knees up! He picks Taven up...blade runner! VERY close two count. Shelley calls for it...superkick. Taven flips Shelley off...another superkick. Sliced bread. Taven kicks out but he gets trapped in the crossface! Taven maneuvers out...Climax connects! Shelley turns the pin into a roll-up! Two count. Running knee from Taven. Climax again. it's over.

Matt Taven wins by pinfall to retain the ROH World Championship

Post match Taven gets on the microphone and insults the good people of Toronto. Taven calls himself the greatest champion in ROH history, listing all the men that he's defeated including the people's favorite, PCO. RUSH comes out. He enters the ring and stares Taven down. Taven screams into RUSH's face, "You will never be the champion." Taven fleas taking his title with him.

Main event time. A video package highlighting the epic war between the Guerrillas of Destiny and The Briscoes is played. Commentary tells us that the series is tied at 2-2, with tonight's rubber match being the final chapter. G.O.D. (Tama Tonga & Tonga Loa) are out first. They carry the IWGP Tag Team championship with them. DEM BOYZ are out second. Here we go.

The Briscoes versus the Guerrillas of Destiny in a Ladder War for the ROH Tag Team Championship

Everyone grabs a chair. Tama and Jay clash chairs on the outside, with Loa and Mark battling in the ring. Loa send Mark to the outside, hitting Tama and Jay. Ladder already set up. Jay takes Loa out with a dive from the apron. Briscoes gain control...Jay smashes a chair off Tama's head. European uppercut from Jay to Loa. They go to hit Loa with a chair shot but he reverses and Mark hits his brother. Tama quickly attacks the Briscoes while they're down. Tama lays into Mark's back with a steel chair. G.O.D. in control...they whip the Briscoes into the steel steps and the barricade. Fight spills back to the ring...Mark nails Tama with another chair shot, then hits a basement dropkick in the corner.

On the outside...Jay places a ladder over Loa, and Mark jumps off the top crashing through. Meanwhile Jay grounds Tama with a rear naked choke. Tama fights to his feet and nails Mark with a dropkick. Briscoes lean a table off the apron...Jay suplexes Tama through it. Neither team is able to gain full control of the match, as all four men's hatred of each other keeps trading the heat back and forth. Mark charges Tama, who drops him into the first row. Mark goes at Loa who back body drops him onto the arena floor. Mark sets up another table...Loa reverses his suplex. Jay stuffs a chair in the corner and goes to Irish Whip Tama...Tama reverses and Jay crashes into the chair. He's busted open.Running powerslam onto a draped ladder by Tama. He sets up another table. Loa chokes Jay on the ropes. Mark with a blockbuster onto Loa through a table!

Tama and Jay have an intense staredown in the center. Fans cheering "Fight Forever." Back and forth striking...they scream vulgarity at each other. They pick up chairs and have a duel...Tama ducks a shot and hits a German Suplex. Jay right back up...lariat. They end up on the apron...J-driller through a table! Fans are going wild. Jay's back is lacerated open. Loa picks him up and powerbombs him through a ladder. Mark nails Loa with a chair assisted missile dropkick. DDT to the outside. Mark lays Loa on another table and climbs to the top of a 20-foot ladder...superfly splash!! All four men are down.

For the first time someone tries to retrieve a title. Mark climbs...Tama with a flying Gun Stun out of nowhere!!! He climbs to retrieve the belts...Jay climbs the other side and meets him up there...they both get hands on the titles...Jay headbutts him off. Jay's right there...Briscoes retain.

Briscoes win Ladder War and retain the ROH World Tag Team Championship

That's the show friends.