As it was noted before, Cody Rhodes mentioned one of his WWE matches and now the AEW star is talking about his WWE gimmick Stardust. The conversation started similar, where someone on Twitter started talking about it first.

The user wrote, "Same reason why Stardust was such a bad idea... Hard to believe Vince - being a Jr himself - didn't get that."

Rhodes replied that he doesn't blame Vince McMahon more than he blames himself. He admitted that while he did work hard at the time, it was not hard enough.

Cody's full tweet was, "I don't really blame him more than I blame myself. I worked hard, but at the time...not hard enough. To go from undesirable to undeniable took a lot sacrifices, reality checks, & most importantly I had to do the damn work. I don't want to be anything less than the guy at the top."

This isn't the first time that Cody Rhodes has spoken about the gimmick. In the past, Rhodes revealed that the Stardust gimmick started because of an idea from Stephanie McMahon. In another interview, Rhodes explained further about how the gimmick was one of the reasons for his WWE departure.

Below is his tweet that he posted earlier this evening: