- The above video is new art from WWE's Canvas 2 Canvas by Rob Schamberger. The video is part of the ABCs of WWE and includes former NXT Champion Johnny Gargano, WWE Champion Kofi Kingston, and former Universal Champion Brock Lesnar.

- As it was noted before, The Bella Twins and their family are on tonight's episode of Family Feud. The Bellas, their brother JJ Garcia, mom Kathy Laurinaitis and sister-in-law Lauren Garcia are playing for the V Foundation and Connor's Cure. Their opponents are Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture, Tyron Woodley, Ilima Lei Macfarlane, and Ryan Bader.

The Bellas posted on Twitter photos and wrote, "Bella Fam takin' over @FamilyFeud with @IAmSteveHarvey against the MMA Family tonight! Right now on @ABC!"

- Dolph Ziggler sarcastically asked to keep Roman Reigns in their thoughts because a bunch of bad stuff almost happened to him. Ziggler then wrote about all the bad stuff that happened to him like his match at SummerSlam with Goldberg.

Ziggler's full tweet was, "Please keep the big d'oh @WWERomanReignsin your thoughts. he recently had a bunch of bad stuff ALMOST happen to him. he wasn't blindsided by a jealous HBK, Maryse's husband or viciously speared repeatedly, by that deranged human ring post-Goldberg, but he's THE guy #prayers #yolo"