Over the weekend, Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman had a chance to speak with Dolph Ziggler before his match against Goldberg at tonight's WWE SummerSlam in Toronto. During the conversation, Ziggler gave his thoughts about taking on the WWE Hall of Famer, Matt Riddle wishing him good luck, and wanting to wrestle WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels.

Ziggler had just finished up one of his comedy shows and during his segment some of the others on stage joked that his match against Goldberg is a "part-timer vs. part-timer" match. While Ziggler found plenty of humor in the joke, he felt it wasn't quite accurate for him.

"Which is pretty funny, but clearly not true," Ziggler said. "I get the digs, I have taken a vacation this last year, but it was only after 14 years without one. The joke was warranted, it works, I have quit for two weeks before when I threw a title down and walked away for two weeks and left for a couple months. I just needed to get off television. When you see me ever day for 10 years straight? I gotta go away for a little bit. I needed to get out of WWE for a minute. I got right back in it, haven't lost a step, I don't have ring rust, and I don't get out of shape."

Matt Riddle has made it well known he's not a fan of Goldberg's work in the ring and even wanted to be added to tonight's match to make it a triple threat. Ziggler commented that Riddle had sent him a message, wishing him good luck in the match.

"I know that he's made [comments about Goldberg] because people have told me, but I don't know exactly what he said," Ziggler responded. "All I know exactly is that he told me, 'Good luck, bro.' And I think that's cool being a 'shooter' myself, an all-time winningest wrestler at Kansas State when I left."

Ziggler then transitioned back to taking down Goldberg and then wanting a shot at Shawn Michaels next. Trading sweet chin music over the last couple weeks, Ziggler ultimately wants to know if Michaels could hang with him in the ring today.

"I feel like once I get rid of Goldberg, I'm really kinda looking at Shawn Michaels, but, man, if anything happened there, I would try and make it happen," Ziggler said. "I would love to see if Shawn Michaels could hang with me. And then one day I'd let [Riddle] come up and see if he can hang with me in the ring. Good luck to him doing everything he can because it's not easy to get to the WWE roster.

"I'm not really friends with the 'Attitude Era' guys. I've been in rings with them. I've been in matches with them. I've been in segments with them. I've said my case that Shawn doesn't act the way he used to act when he would tell people 'follow that,' I'm the one doing that. I got to kick him in the face, to be fair, he got me back last week when he kicked me in the face. You never know how it's gonna go down, I'd love to see if Shawn Michaels could hang in the ring with me. If you're gonna ask me, I don't think he can. I think he's the greatest of all-time. I'd love to go toe-to-toe with him, but I come out on top.

You can see the full interview in the video above.

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