In two weeks the WWE Universe will see something that they haven't seen in 15 years and that is Brock Lesnar wrestling on SmackDown. His match vs. Kofi Kingston just happens to coincide with SmackDown's debut on FOX which will also serve as the 20th anniversary of SmackDown.

Booker T talked about this match and challenged Kingston on his Hall of Fame podcast.

"Kofi Kingston has got to step up. The thing is, is it possible? I think so. Kofi Kingston has had the best year any man can dream or wish for, so my thing is this: to be able to go out against Brock Lesnar on the first episode of SmackDown on FOX and beat him with the Trouble in Paradise, cover him, 1,2,3 good God! Kofi has had a hell of a run, no man can ask for any more than what Kofi Kingston has had, but to be able to go out there and pull it off that would be the ultimate. I don't know if it's going to happen. I don't like to try and determine how a match is going to turn out; anything can happen. You have the run-ins, foreign objects, all kinds of things can take place during a match," said Booker.

Even though Kingston is the WWE Champion, Booker says this is more about Lesnar because of the polarizing figure he is.

"You want everybody watching on Friday night and everybody tuning in to see exactly what is going to happen. The thing with Brock Lesnar is he is one of those enigmas whether you like him or hate him, one of those two. Either way, it is good in the wrestling business. If you like me I love it, if you hate me it's even better. It is the best of both worlds as well as it is going to make everybody better too," stated Booker.

"Right now, everybody is in a holding pattern with Kofi Kingston being champion, take nothing away from him at all. It's kind of like who is going to be the next match for Kofi Kingston? When Brock Lesnar is going to be in that position everyone is asking, 'man, who is going to face Brock Lesnar for the title next?' That is the difference. It's a very small, subtle difference, but to me, it gives me more to talk about when Brock Lesnar is in the building, when Brock Lesnar's name is anywhere near the marquee, it gives me a whole lot to talk about. Even to the point where we are just talking about fighting in general and we are talking about fighting all day when it comes to Brock Lesnar. From his NCAA career to his UFC career to his WWE career, the man has done it all in the realm of fighting so we can talk about Brock Lesnar all day. We don't have to make up any stories. So, when Brock Lesnar is anywhere near the building it is a good thing as far as I am concerned."

Booker then told a story about the pull that Lesnar has even outside of the wrestling ring.

"Brock Lesnar is the real deal. I remember in Connecticut when we had a snowstorm we were at the bar with all of the boys. This one bartender was going to close the whole bar on all of us saying that she was shutting it down, but Brock Lesnar walked in and said something to this woman. I don't know what he said but the bar was open with an unlimited time limit and we ended up drinking all night long," revealed Booker. "Till this day I wonder what Brock Lesnar said to this woman because whatever we were doing it wasn't working, she was about to kick all of us out from there. But with him, he is definitely the real deal when it comes to stepping into the squared circle.

"I always said that Brock Lesnar, even in his comeback with the WWE, he has not someone that has phoned it in. He always shows up to work and when he shows up to work he does it at a very high level. One thing about Brock is that 9 times out of 10 there is going to be blood and most of the time it is him that is bleeding, so he'll do something crazy out there and will make you go wow! When you watch a Brock match you don't finish the match thinking that this match sucked."

With WWE moving towards brand exclusivity, Booker wonders if this is just a one-shot thing and Lesnar goes back to Raw or if he'll be on SmackDown and FOX for good.

"The thing is, what kind of impact is it going to be for FOX more than anything?"

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Peter Bahi contributed to this article.