- The above video is from WWE Explainers. The video details WWE Champion Kofi Kingston's 11-year journey to the top of WWE.

- Dakota Kai tore her ACL on December 7, 2018, and in January posted on Twitter about going into surgery. Today the NXT star tweeted, "4 sleeps to go and I'll be back doing what I love, in front of all of u."

Below is her original post about her surgery and her recent update:

- As mentioned yesterday, Dolph Ziggler and Goldberg had to be pulled apart at a Las Vegas Restaurant. This afternoon, Ziggler finally commented about the altercation. He tweeted, "Dips--t took a break from ruining wrestling to ruin my night off. I'm not interested. Get a hobby or go fishing or something. Maybe you can do that without getting hurt. No other warning or comments on this, from me. Thanks."