- Above is Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Kota Ibushi from the 2017 G1 Climax. Near the end of the match, Ibushi hits Kamigoye (knee strike to the face) for the pinfall victory.

- Al Snow announced his wrestling school has provisional approval from the state of Kentucky to be a state accredited trade school. On Twitter, Snow showed a photo of the letter he received, and also commented, "I am proud to announce that the Al Snow Wrestling Academy has received official provisional approval as a state accredited trade school. Thank you everyone for your continued support."

- Madusa is working on a docu-series about her life and is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to help with the project. Below is the preview and trailer for the series.

In "My Personal (R)evolution,"

Madusa transports us into the heart-wrenching story of an abused child who is forced to learn entrepreneurial skills to survive. She perseveres throughout her childhood and late into adolescence, with the temptation of the darker side yet never succumbed to the illicit life that surrounds her. All odds are against her, including life-threatening medical issues until one day she meets a Hollywood stunt coordinator. That one meeting would change the trajectory of her life.

All she ever wanted was love, all she ever got was abandonment. Tragedy to triumph, this story will send you on an emotional rollercoaster ride that is raw and real.

This is MY Personal (R)evolution...

"This is the story you've never heard, and nobody wants to talk about," Madusa says in the heart-wrenching promotional trailer that shows glimpses of the unique hardships and gut-wrenching climb to the top.

This is Madusa's life story.