Former WCW and WWE star Lance Storm shared a story about being on the road with his long-time friend, AEW Champion Chris Jericho. While talking about Iron Maiden with another Twitter user, Storm reminisced about the time that Jericho's tape collection got stolen.

"Happiest I ever saw @IAmJericho. He had his tape collection stolen, and got insurance settlement. I went with him to music store to replace all his tapes. Literal kid in a candy store. I was his pack mule carrying everything. He was so happy to get his music back," Storm tweeted.

Chris Jericho added to the story, "Hahaha I remember that!! Back in the days when u had to pick what cassettes to take with u in the car! I could never decide, so I just carried ALL OF THEM with me! Great idea...until my car got broken into."

Lance Storm replied back, "Things kids today can't understand. Your multiple briefcases of cassette tapes you had to take everywhere to have your music. Now they have Spotify on their Apple Watch."