WWE superstar Mandy Rose is the cover model of the October 2019 issue of Maxim Australia magazine. As seen below, Mandy poses in golden lingerie that highlights her signature blonde hair.

Along with her tweet, Mandy wrote, "So extremely happy and honored right now!! This has always been a bucket list for me and a huge goal, I've always wanted to be on the cover of #MAXIM and it actually happened! Maxim Australia, Thanks to everyone that helped made this happen! Photography by @shannonlaurine."

You can see the full tweet below:

In September 2017, Rose and Ring Of Honor star, Velvet Sky, were both finalists in Maxim's Finest competition. Both women hovered in the top ten of their region throughout the competition but didn't make it to the final ten competitors.

Rose spoke to The Wrap earlier this summer about how she's not worried about the focus on her looks possibly taking away from her wrestling talent. She believes that her brains and strength make as significant an impact as her beauty does.

"No, I love [the focus on my looks]. It's part of my character. It makes me who I am," Rose said. "I always said, even in developmental, 'Yeah, I'm the beauty and all that. I'm the hot one, the sexy one but I also have the brains and the strength to back it up.' So, that was my biggest thing."