- As noted, Paul Heyman is celebrating his 54th birthday today. WWE marked the occasion by posting the latest episode of WWE Playlist, seen above, featuring the RAW Executive Director getting beat up over the years.

- Sasha Banks had fans talking on social media today after responding to a fan who commented on one of her Instagram photos, which was a shot of her delivering a chair shot to RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch on RAW.

The fan wrote, "I just found out ur married n it broke my heart."

Banks responded "@honestabe1993 like you had a chance pfpfppfpf. Stay broke."

The fan deleted his original comment and noted that he did so because his phone was "blowing up" with notifications. He then insulted her and her husband, commenting on the way he looks. Banks did not respond after that, but fans on social media have been talking about how she's really playing the heel on Twitter and Instagram these days. You can see a screenshot of the exchange at this link.

- Elias took to Twitter today and made his first tweet in a few weeks, which has fans speculating on if it's related to Shane McMahon and the WWE King of the Ring tournament. As noted, Shane replaced Elias in last night's KOTR quarterfinals match against Chad Gable on SmackDown, and lost. Gable will now face Baron Corbin in the finals on Monday's RAW. It was reported that Elias was pulled from the match due to a legitimate ankle injury.

"I did this for you," Elias wrote.

The new storyline speculation from Elias' tweet is that they may say he faked the injury to give Shane a spot in the tournament. You can see the tweet below: