- Above is the latest WWE Top 10 featuring explosive finishers off the top rope. The collection included: John Cena giving Seth Rollins an AA, and AJ Styles hitting a Styles Clash on Cedric Alexander.

- Last night, WWE traveled to Calgary for a live event, which is also the hometown of Natalya. In the video below, an emotional Natalya commented on why the night was so special to her.

"It was everything that I had envisioned coming home was going to be," Natalya said. "The fact that my whole family was here. I felt like I could feel my grandfather watching, and I could feel my dad—it was just so special. None of us know what tomorrow is going to bring, but if this is it, than this was perfect."

- Vickie Guerrero announced earlier today that her father passed away, "My dad went to dance with the angels this morning! My dad loved unconditionally with his whole heart! Thank you dad for EVERYTHING. You are now able to rest and be at peace and be loved by our Heavenly Father Jesus Christ!" Our condolences to Vickie and her family.