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Recap of the cruiserweight championship matchup from Sunday's Clash of Champions when Drew Gulak retained the title over Humberto Carrillo and Lince Dorado. After a wild back and forth, Gulak stole the victory by rolling up Dorado. Highlight package ends, sending us to the intro.

Song intro.

Vic Joseph, Aiden English, and Dio Maddin welcome us to another edition of 205 Live. Today's show takes place from Atlanta, Georgia. The Lucha House Party theme goes off, and Lince Dorado makes his way to the ring for our opening contest. He'll be facing Ariya Daivari.

Lince Dorado versus Ariya Daivari

Daivari shoves Dorado screaming insults in his face. Dorado nails Daivari with chops that send him to the outside. Top rope crossbody connects. Dorado keeps the pressure on. Daivari whips him into the apron but Dorado jumps up...asai moonsault. Dorado climbs up onto the barricade...he hits a running frankensteiner, then tosses Daivari back into the ring. Dorado climbs...attack misses...Daivari dumps Dorado to ringside with a back body drop. Dorado clutches at his left knee. Daivari doesn't target it, instead tossing Dorado hard into the turnbuckles. He slows the action down by applying a headlock. Dorado snapmares out...he uses the ropes to hit a crossbody for a nearfall. Dorado back on the attack...Daivari catches the arm...DDT from Daivari. Cover...only two. Daivari claws at Dorado's mask, then puts the headlock back on. Dorado fires off elbows to break the hold...Daivari with a sleeper.

Dorado manages to knock Daivari off his feet with a handspring backflip kick. Big right hand rocks Daivari...Dorado follows up with chops and a spinning heel kick. Dropkick and enziguri combo. He climbs to the top...frog-splash crossbody for two. He goes up again...Daivari grabs Dorado's arms and slams him hard to the mat. Dorado comes back with a middle-rope moonsault. A second. He goes for three from the top but Daivari moves...he nearly wins the match with a uranagi. He sets up for the hammerlock-lariat...Dorado ducks and goes for a crucifix pin...two count. Another roll-up...Daivari stays alive. He powerbombs and stacks Dorado...he kicks out. He sets up Dorado on the top rope and goes for a superplex...Dorado knocks him off...shooting star connects. Dorado wins.

Lince Dorado wins by pinfall

Commentary commends Dorado for finally vanquishing Daivari, who has been pestering him for weeks.

Flashback to two weeks ago when Tony Nese attacked Oney Lorcan backstage after a loss to Mike Kanellis pushed him over the edge. Nese would also form a temporary alliance with sworn enemy Drew Gulak. Cut to Lorcan. "Tony Nese you tried to take me out but I'm still standing. You hurt me, but not nearly as bad as I'm going to hurt you tonight. Once I'm done with you...I'm coming for your buddy Gulak...and the cruiserweight championship."

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Back from break...Gentleman Jack Gallagher makes his way for our next bout. His opponent is Brian Kendrick, who is accompanied by Akira Tozawa.

Jack Gallagher versus Brian Kendrick

Kendrick works Gallagher to the mat but Gallagher gains position and targets Kendrick's arm with a submission. Kendrick gets to his feet...he bounces off the ropes...monkey flip from Gallagher followed by a dropkick. Kendrick charges Gallagher in the corner...he headstands in the corner. This frustrates Kendrick...Gallagher takes advantage of that and sends him to the outside. Gallagher wants Tozawa to leave the match, as his presence is causing a distraction. Kendrick comes out of nowhere with a kendo stick. DQ.

Jack Gallagher wins by disqualification

Kendrick unloads kendo stick shots onto Gallagher. Tozawa isn't happy with Kendrick, and even stops him from attacking Gallagher, saying he didn't need to stoop to that level. Kendrick leaves while Tozawa checks on Gallagher...Kendrick comes back and hits Tozawa! Tozawa looks at Kendrick as if to say, why? Kendrick leaves staring daggers into both Tozawa and Gallagher.

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Interview with Humberto Carrillo. He says he had the match won but that Drew Gulak stole his moment. "I am very disappointed. I know that if I face Drew one-on-one...he will not be so lucky." Carrillo promises that he will earn another title opportunity, and become the cruiserweight champion.

Main event time. Oney Lorcan is out first. Tony Nese second. Here we go.

Oney Lorcan versus Tony Nese

Lorcan takes Nese down with a ground and pound. Nese scramble out of the ring to recover. Lorcan chases him...he jumps back inside and catches Lorcan with an elbow. Lorcan shakes it off and smashes Nese with an axe-handle. Running knee to Nese's gut. He sends Nese to the corner. Mounted corner punches. Lorcan goes for a suplex...Nese creates separation...Lorcan hits a big lariat that sends Nese over the top rope. Lorcan plays to the crowd, which gives Nese an opening...he pushes Lorcan into the ring post, then nails Lorcan with a running elbow. Nese picks Lorcan up and whips him hard into the barricade. He tosses Lorcan over the announcers table...it breaks. Lorcan just beats the referee's count. Back in the ring Nese scoop slams Lorcan. He wrenches his neck. Lorcan attempts a sunset flip but Nese rolls through and connects with a spin kick to the face. Cover...Lorcan kicks out.

Nese picks Lorcan up for a stalling vertical suplex...he plants him in the center of the ring for a nearfall. Body scissor wearing Lorcan down. Crowd tries to rally Lorcan back into the matchup. He fires off a chop to break the hold. Another one. Nese gives a chop right back, then guillotines him over the ropes. He goes for the springboard moonsault...Lorcan moves. More chops. Running uppercut by Lorcan nearly decapitates Nese. He traps Nese in the corner...running elbows. He fakes a blockbuster...then hits one. Nese to the outside...Lorcan in pursuit...he sends him into the barricade. He goes to throw him into the other side but Nese ends up over the wall. Lorcan breaks the count so he can continue the fight on the outside. Another whip into the barricade. Match moves back to the ring...Lorcan goes for the half-and-half...counter...thrust knee to Lorcan's gut but Lorcan responds with a vicious lariat for two.

Lorcan continues to bruise Nese's chest with chops. Half-and-half...Nese lands on his feet and double-stomps Lorcan into the ribs. Cover...Lorcan just sneaks a shoulder up. Nese sets up for the running Nese...Lorcan has it scouted and hits a dropkick. Lorcan puts Nese on the top rop for a super half-and-half. Nese doing everything he can to block it...he elbows him off and tries to turn around...Lorcan with a jumping uppercut that knocks Nese back outside. Lorcan runs off the ropes..Drew Gulak appears out of nowhere and picks his ankle. Lorcan gets distracted...Nese from behind with a school boy. That's it.

Tony Nese wins by pinfall

Lorcan can't believe it. Gulak and Nese celebrate on the entrance path. Gulak screams that this was business while holding the cruiserweight title high and claiming that he'll never get another shot. Commentary asks, "who can stop the law of 205?"

That's the show friends.