Former ECW and TNA World Champion, Bobby Lashley, sat down for an in-depth conversation with TV Insider about the challenges he's faced developing his character for WWE TV. Although Lashley believes that having producers in WWE regularly asking you to change your character is difficult, it's allowing him to better connect with audiences.

"I'm still trying. It's hard for me," Lashley said. "I came from a world of amateur wrestling. It was always shut up and train. The last thing you would want to do is anything else. Everything else was shut up and train. When I first came into this world, it was more hardcore. That fighting style was real, and I fit right in. Coming back this time, there are so many different characters, and people are talking about entrances and costumes.

"I was like, 'Where is Brock? Sign us up. Let's do this. Let's fight.' They were like, 'No, we need you to dance on Instagram. We need you to tell a joke. We need you to look sloppy and do some different things. Sing on TV. Make out with this lady.' All these things they want that are different," Lashley continued. "I didn't understand it for a long time, but I do now. Just to see me open up where people can relate to you and get behind you. People can get behind you or against you, but they know who you are. I don't think they know who I really am. They know what I'm capable of doing, but they don't know who I am. I think that is what we are trying to do. Just crack the shell and show a little bit more of me."

With the Lana affair storyline getting plenty of attention online, Lashley looks ahead excited about the acting opportunities he's been presented with. He even went as far as to say that he might be "the next Val Venis", the popular adult movie star character from the attitude era.

"It was one of those things where no matter what you do, you have to sit back and say, 'Is that me? Can I do that?' I didn't know if I could do it, but that's the challenge of being a WWE superstar today," Bobby explained. "In order to be a performer and maybe take on that next role in acting, you have to have different layers.

"My layer was one-dimensional. I put some gloves on and kick anybody's ass. So there is a part I need to work at. Doing a role that is so dramatic, love scenes. It's taking some getting used to... I might be the next Val Venis. It is a different style for me. I am who I am. I think this will show a little more who I am after."

Once his feud with Rusev is settled, Lashley has his sights set on someone who's been on his radar for a long time - current WWE Champion Brock Lesnar. He sees this character development as more layers he's putting into place so when the time is right, his fight against Brock will be even greater.

"It would be the biggest thing on TV. Probably second to me and Lana making out on TV," he said. "Layers. Let's do the layers. The fight will be there. I'm in great shape. Brock is in great shape. As the weeks go by, the hardest thing is everybody hates me. But they hate him too, so who're you going to cheer for? I'm stealing people's wives, and he is being an asshole. Let's just see. I think when the fight comes, they are going to want to see it."