For the past couple of years NXT has been considered the best thing going in WWE from the storylines to the in-ring action to the fan base. Even Stone Cold Steve Austin said that NXT is better than WWE's main roster.

One of those NXT Superstars, Matt Riddle, talked to Lilian Garcia about what makes NXT so special.

"I think this is what happens with people getting stretched thin at certain places. At NXT, we work really hard but we also think before we move which is why it's been our success rate this far," said Riddle. "I think that is why the fans are as passionate about our product and scream out of their seats. It's not about giving people what they want. I don't believe that is the answer to giving people what they want, you give them what they need and they need entertainment. They need surprises, they need good athletes, they need a compilation of everything and I think we bring the best of everything. And with the people that are leading us like Shawn Michaels and Triple H, it doesn't hurt, and the mindset that we have with the hires are not the wrong people.

"Every other week I see one of my boys from the indies gets signed up and I say to them that it's about time that they are here, and all of the coaches would ask me if they are good and I would say yeah and then you see them killing it on television. I honestly think that this place isn't developmental. They classify it as a developmental organization but I can assure you that we are way beyond a developmental organization. Not that none of us are not learning, we are all learning, especially from Shawn Michaels and others, but at the same time a lot of us came in here with pretty big pedigrees even if they are not from the WWE and it shows."

Riddle has made it no secret that he yearns to face Brock Lesnar in a WWE ring. They are both former UFC fighters and Riddle discussed his dream scenario in facing Lesnar.

"I would imagine that I would retire Brock Lesnar at one of these WrestleManias in a few years," stated Riddle. "That has been one of my goals since I first started wrestling. Him specifically because when he beat Undertaker's streak, which, it's one thing to have titles, but when you beat Undertaker's streak that's something nobody should have done and the fact that he did it he now has that feather in his cap. And I'm like what's the biggest feather than breaking Undertaker's streak? How about ending the guy's career who ended Undertaker's streak? It's far fetched, I know, but I set goals that almost seem impossible because if I even come close to the goal I can be world champion or something."

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