Viewers of Major League Wrestling "Fusion" know Salina de la Renta as the influential manager of champions, but the founder of Promociones Dorado has proven to be so much more. The 22-year-old is well beyond her years learning the business behind the business, stepping in as the first-ever Latina to executive produce a wrestling show. The Orlando resident has even done commentary on the independent scene and for MLW's Spanish language broadcasts.

Initially, de la Renta went in with the idea of being an interviewer. That has evolved organically thanks to MLW visionary Court Bauer seeing potential and going in a different direction. She quickly took the mic and proverbial ball and ran with it since day one. Now de la Renta is a regular and important fixture on the television series on beIN Sports every Saturday night at 9 p.m. nationwide.

"I had a broken leg. I broke my leg five different times trying to wrestle. I said, "I'll do whatever you need. Behind the scenes or interviewing," she recalled in an exclusive interview inside Gilt Nightclub in Orlando, the site of "Blood and Thunder" on November 9. "He said I was going to be a host or a valet. We went with a valet. Everything just worked the way it was supposed to."

The natural performer appreciates management's openness to share her ideas. She brings a humble attitude when it comes to learning from some of the best and respected minds including Konnan, LA Park, Low Ki, Jim Cornette, MVP and Bruce Prichard. And with MLW moving forward with a women's division, she still plans to stand out in her own unique way.

"If there is a women's division, I'm going to be part of the women's division regardless, but not necessarily as a wrestler," she said. "I think when life sends you signs, you have to take them. When you break your leg five times, I don't know how you don't take that as a sign.

"When I started working in the business behind the scenes, everything started to flow naturally. I didn't have to work that hard at it. With wrestling, I had to train and train and try. Then many times I would go to the ring, I failed. This other stuff comes naturally because I wanted to be a screenwriter. Now that I have the opportunity to live the dream I had, why would I turn my back. That would be stupid."

Despite the fact de la Renta isn't actively competing in the ring, she has remained focused on staying in shape. Those who follow her on social media can see the progress she has made and how fitness is an unwavering passion.

"As I grew up, everyone said I was cute and an adorable girl, so I believed it. I thought I was hot. I would go out and wrestle, and thought I was cute,' de la Renta said. "Then someone broke my heart, and he started dating a model. I thought, 'I'm really not all that.' This is me thinking I was all that. It was a reality check. As superficial that sounds, I started thinking I'm not enough. Let's become enough. I wanted to show off and am like, 'Now you can't get this. Fitness started about me proving I was enough. Then once I realize there is no competition. I was enough from the beginning. I realized that too late and now I'm addicted fitness."

The star is proud of how far she has come, growing with MLW. She will stand beside challenger LA Park in the main event of the company's first pay-per-view called "Saturday Night SuperFight" against Jacob Fatu on November 2.

"As we know there is a lot of competition going on right now. When there is a lot of product out there and other people doing stuff, we're not going to back down. Let's just try to make it bigger," de la Renta said.

"MLW is very different than anybody else…75 of our roster is lucha….That's not seen really in America right now….American style is necessary, but it's important to see what is out there. MLW definitely has given everyone an opportunity …We've had gay wrestlers, women with a women's division, intergender. We've had everything."

No matter where de la Renta's career ends up in the coming years, she will always be grateful to MLW. Though the fiery Puerto Rican remains committed to the company.

"If it were to come down to if there is this offer and this offer and this offer, I will always look back at MLW as giving me this opportunity," the in-demand personality said. "There aren't many companies that would have done what this one did for me. There aren't many who would cast someone with a broken leg and tell them you can go to the ring with a cane.

"Think about that. There are so many hot women out there. When it comes to reality and wrestling, how many hot women there are right now. Women are trending. So, for them to say that's okay. Wear flats. We don't care about sexualizing you, which usually is what they did in this business before. They just said wear a suit, cover up, we know we can do so much more. I can't forget that."

MLW "Saturday Night SuperFight" airs live at 8 p.m. ET on November 2 from the Cicero Stadium on pay-per-view. For more information on the event and everything else Major League Wrestling, visit

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